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5 Transforming Furniture Designs for Small Apartments

Published on : Jun 8th 2016, Wednesday
Trend Type : Regional
Category : Residential

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1UyMe08
Small apartments have their upsides– lower rent, often a closer proximity to bustling downtown areas and in some cases, a certain irreplaceable cosy charm; that is if you know how to decorate. That's also where the trouble begins. When you have a shortage of space, decorating with style can seem like such a challenge. With more and more people living in small- studio or 1 BHK urban apartments, more designers are coming up with clever ways to transform furniture designs so that they can double up on their duties without compromising on style at the same time!
1. A Bed in the wall – Say hello to the Murphy Bed
For those who live in a tiny studio apartment wherein your small home also doubles up as your office during the day, here's a great solution to free up some space for work- enter the Murphy Bed! 
Designed to be a bed-in-the-wardrobe, this hydraulic bed can fold out at bedtime, and will neatly go back into its recess in the morning, just with a click of a button. Low tech options are also easily available or designed but might require a little bit of manpower. 
Image Credit: http://bit.ly/1IuDiI7
If not the wardrobe, you can also have the bed incorporated into a TV unit or even have a bookshelf on the flip-side. Both of these options look stylish and will give your small but cosy entertainment area a grand look and feel. The surrounding wooden panels or steel framework hold the bed and could also be converted to be used as display or storage space.
2. The Versatile Coffee Table
The biggest problem with a tiny apartment is when it comes to entertaining friends. While a small apartment may be perfect for a single person or a couple starting out, house guests for game nights or an impromptu drinks-and-dinner can get tricky. 
Image Credit: http://bit.ly/1zwNIR2
A coffee table with low chairs tucked away underneath is the perfect solution to this dire dilemma. This squared off table can sit neatly in a corner of the room and can also be used as a normal table atop which you can display items, but when guests arrive, 4 low cushioned stools can emerge giving you a small but convenient dinner table or space to set up a board game.  
3. Centre Table Cum Organizer
What does a teeny-tiny apartment lack the most? Storage space, of course! At first glance, the Kai Table looks like yet another centre table, until you take a closer look. With dozens of hidden compartments to stash anything your heart desires, it's an urbanite's dream storage solution! 
Image Credit: http://bit.ly/282IbDu
Built by Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Kitahara, made of wood- the coffee table has a deceptively smooth surface that those in the know can nudge, lift or slide to access the treasures (or mundane items) stored within.
4. Chairs with Storage Space
While the traditional Sofa-cum-bed is another great space-saving option to explore, you could also consider having a couple of chairs that also feature storage space. 
Image Credit: http://bit.ly/1OcJh9b
Some of these chairs offer quite a bit of comfort, are chic in design and offer a unique albeit slightly strange space for storing books and knick-knacks. With what looks like a skeleton of a regular lounger, the space underneath and at below the arm-rests can actually be used to store a few items. While arranging them may not be the simplest task, they do tend to add a certain visual appeal to the space. 
5. The Multi Utility Air Mattress
While this is popular for those with really small spaces like studio apartments, it may not be an ideal solution, but it does make sense if you wish to save a lot of space.  This inflatable piece of furniture may seem like it’s designed for children to play on, but it serves quite a few purposes. 
Image Credit: http://bit.ly/1UecelF
The multi utility lounger allows you to transform it into a rather comfy sofa, open it out to make an air bed, angle it to create a lounger or open up just the bottom part to create a space for 4-5 people to sit around and play board games and such. The best part is, you can simply deflate it and tuck-it away anywhere, carry it on outings and use the electric pump to inflate it in minutes. 
Every inch counts when dealing with a small space. By investing in furniture pieces that will be useful in more ways than one you can make the most of the room you have. Focus on buying pieces like these transformative furniture designs that will work with the space you have, rather than trying to work your space around furniture.

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