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Creative Design Twists for TV Units

Published on : Aug 9th 2016, Tuesday
Trend Type : International
Category : Residential

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/2aCvW7x
One of the most popular places in the home for families to come together is around the television set. Previously, the TV unit simply assumed the role of housing the television set, but today, you’ll see that they’re getting a chic and contemporary makeover. With innovation in TV unit designs taking living rooms by storm, we’ve got a few ways you can give yours a creative spin.
Bring the Background into the Foreground
Consider making the wall behind the unit the point of focus by doing it up creatively. You can give it a rustic look by interior brickwork or brickwork wallpaper or opt for a more contemporary feel with striped or chequered patterned wallpapers.
A free-standing television that incorporates this look is sure to add a modern spin your TV wall unit.
Let Hidden Storage Take Centre-stage
Many contemporary designer TV units today focus on hidden storage and may even conceal the TV behind a decorative panel. This is a great way to keep those unsightly wires away from view. This TV unit design idea involves installing artwork panels which draw to a close to conceal the television and also add an abstract charm to your room. Of course, there’s also that magical feeling one gets when they press a button and a TV appears out from behind a wall or rises up out of a cabinet. 
Use Framing as an Innovation
While wall-mounting your TV might seem like the most natural thing to do, you could frame it with an interesting bookcase or bespoke cabinets and shelves. These built-in media walls add that special something to a TV cabinet design.
If you plan on using shelves to frame your television, make sure you have interesting art, light fixtures or showpieces to display.
Keep It Low
Low TV wall cabinets are the latest rage when it comes to design trends that are taking the industry by storm. These cabinets are placed at least a foot below the television itself. Despite having the low cabinet in place, many homeowners still choose to mount their flat-screens on the wall.
You can choose whichever suits you best as long as the space doesn’t look too cluttered or overused. 
Choose Fluid Wall Units 
Gone are the days when TV wall unit designs were only single, behemoth pieces of wood with shelves to place stuff in. Today, wall unit designs have taken on a more fluid form, with floating panels and disjointed shelving.
So while these units may give off the illusion of being one single entity, the fluidity ensures that the wall behind is still visible and the new-age designs tend to give the entire room a creative focus point.
Take a Chance on Colour 
Most wall units for living rooms are usually black, white or the various shades of wood, but why not give colour a go and pick a vibrant shade for a change? Tie it in with another element in your home, such as a vase, a light fixture or even another piece of furniture and you’ve got a winning combination on your hands!
That added bit of colour can go a long way in highlighting your TV as well as creating a funky vibe to the room.

Admin wrote : dhrsig thabal

Nov 26th 2018, Monday

Admin wrote : dhrsig thabal

Nov 26th 2018, Monday

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