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5 Designs to Make Your Kitchen Chic and Functional

Published on : Aug 10th 2016, Wednesday
Trend Type : International
Category : Residential

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Home is where the heart is, and the heart of your home is undeniably your kitchen. This is the one room in any home where functionality takes precedence over style. But, that doesn’t mean you have to curb your enthusiasm when it comes to your kitchen design ideas. These five simple, but very effective kitchen trends strike the perfect balance between chic and functional, giving you the cooking space of your dreams! 

1. Muted colour palettes
White has held the top spot when it comes to colour choices for kitchen cabinets, but muted, softer palettes are slowly starting to emerge as one of the hottest kitchen design trends of the year. Greys, charcoals, eggshell and tinted whites are replacing the standard white hues.
Another trend that is making a comeback is lighter wood tones such as walnuts, white oaks and whitewashed woods replacing darker ones. 
2. Easy-to-use, smart kitchens
We mentioned previously that the latest kitchen design trends aren’t focussing merely on style, but on functionality too and we meant it! Drawers and cabinet doors are getting an overhaul with hydraulics that open, close and fold out of the way with just the touch of a button, making it a handy small kitchen design.
And if that wasn’t enough, kitchens are now getting smarter too! Smart appliances are state-of-the-art gizmos that can be controlled remotely so the focus remains on convenience and accessibility around the clock for the homeowner on the go.   
3. Small pops of colour
Although neutral colour palettes and light wood tones look fantastic, especially when it comes to small kitchen designs, a small pop of colour comes as a breath of fresh air. You could achieve this in a number of ways. Instead of your run-of-the-mill stainless steel sink, opt for a brightly coloured one.
Vibrantly coloured curtains, tablecloths, pendant lights and vases are other creative embellishments you can play around with. Potted plants on the windowsill also make for a pleasant addition of colour to the area. 
4. Bold & metallic fixtures
Colour isn’t the only way to make your kitchen more attractive. You can add a touch of drama to your cooking space with oversized light fixtures in dark fabric shades. Another popular trend that’s carried forward from last year is the use of metals like bronze, brass and copper.
While metal can be used in small portions in pendant lights, faucets and cabinets, it is also taking a turn for the bold, by becoming the primary choice for hoods. 
5. Combined spaces and open planned kitchens
If you’ve always wanted to knock down that wall between your kitchen and living space, now might be the time to do it. One of the hottest kitchen design trends of the year is integrated kitchen and living spaces which flow effortlessly into each other.
These two rooms can be merged through the use of hidden and integrated appliances. This ‘opens up’ your kitchen to a ton of possibilities, pun intended.
With these contemporary kitchen design tips and ideas, you can transform your cooking space into the modern work of art it is begging to be.

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