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Designer of the Week

Designer of the Week - Asit Karekar

Published on: May 31st 2016, Tuesday
Category: Commercial

AUK Design Studio was founded in 2010 by Asit Karekar. The company has been a part of a diverse range of residential and commercial interior designing projects since its establishment.The studio's driving force comes from a team of individuals with extensive knowledge and expertise in interior design and architecture.

Their work involves designing and executing projects for corporate offices, retail outlets and boutiques, restaurants and other public spaces, and high profile residences and apartments.

The firm collaborates with technical consultants from various backgrounds to bring in new insight to the projects which helps them with delivering the best design solutions for their clients. Their work circles around craftsmanship and visually intricate, yet simple construction details, inducing thier knowledge and vision to find the best means to a "Good Design".

In conversation with Asit Karekar

I am known to my friends and family as: AK and as Omi in my family 
When I am not working I could be found: Usually relaxing at home with my wife and my folks.On weekends with my close friends and like-minded individuals 
Nothing tastes better than: Pasta cooked by my sister and my wife. Not possible to say whose is better..!!! 
If I could pack my bags and disappear right now: it would be on a road trip to LehLadakh on a Ducati Monster 
I admire: Form &and Functionality... once these two meet in creating something, aesthetics are boundless. I admire these two elements in any piece of engineering or a piece of furniture I tend to design in my projects. 
A typical Sunday would be: cooking, read, watching a movie... and as evening comes by, sinking into the next day.
My personal wish list for 2025: I wish to do better projects with each year, planning a decade in advance is not my thing but I would surely like to build my wises just as I make my projects, they get better with time..!! 

DAVINDER wrote: ok its good

Jul 2nd 2016, Saturday

Chandra Shekhar wrote: congratulations

Jul 10th 2016, Sunday

PRAMOD wrote: Nice read

Jul 14th 2016, Thursday

chunaram wrote: furniture contractors all Gujarat rajasthan madhya pradesh Delhi

Jul 14th 2016, Thursday

MD wrote: i wish that u will be become a best interior designer project manager in century best of luck Mr. Asit

Jul 24th 2016, Sunday

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