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Designer of the Week

Designer of the Week - Anish Motwani

Published on: May 16th 2016, Monday
Category: Residential

Anish Motwani Associates has a passion to translate the essence of emotions and thoughts into forms, colours and textures. Their designs are creative and practical, always guided by a spirit of total quality and customer satisfaction.

Their planning and designing of any project is executed in accordance with the availability of space, natural ambience and storage requirements. The company provides integrated solutions that not only make your offices and homes look great but also create an optimal environment for achieving your corporate and personal lifestyle goals.

Whether the client’s style is modern, traditional or completely unique, Anish Motwani Associates delivers a design that is undeniably yours.

In conversation with Anish Motwani, Principal Designer @AMA (Anish Motwani Associates):-

I am known to my friends and family as: Anish 

When I am not working I could be found: Chatting with friends or watching TV
Nothing tastes better than: A nice cream on lazy night drives
If I could pack my bags and disappear right now to: Kashmir or Switzerland
I admire: Anything which is different. I find vibrant colours quite attractive.
A typical Sunday would be: Playing with my daughter
My personal wish list for 2025: It’s too far. I can’t dream beyond one day. So tomorrow I wish for a cleaner and greener MUMBAI 

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