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3 Ways to Create a Zen-Like Office Space

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Does your workspace feel comfortable and inviting, or does it make you cringe every morning? Whether you work from home or at an office, your workspace is where you spend a large part of the day. Shouldn’t it be organized, inspiring and comfortable? Enter Zen-like design ---an organizational design to customize your work desk so that it boosts your productivity and doesn’t add to your stress levels. Remember, it is not just about how your workspace looks; it is also about how the workspace feels. A serene office helps you get more work done with less stress, leading you to a fatter paycheck and an increased sense of well-being.
     1. Choose Furniture Pieces and Placement Wisely
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If you want to create a Zen-like office space, strive to incorporate a few serene and calming design elements. A new coat of paint really helps to freshen things up and it’s wise to pick soothing colors like whites, blues, greens and lavender shades that keep you calm and focused through the day.  
Next, choose comfortable furniture. Let a comfortable desk face the door and don’t keep your back to a wall with a window. According to Feng Shui, open space draws energy from you and you want only strength behind you – hence a solid wall or one lined with reference books and files is best. Invest in a comfortable chair that maintains good posture; it is money well spent. 
2. Organize Your Space
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We cannot stress enough on how important it is to declutter your workspace. Some people may work better with clutter all around because they have managed to create a process despite the mess. But if you don’t want to waste your time looking through endless drawers and files, it’s very important to declutter. The more you can control and maintain the space, the more time you will have to devote to the task at hand and catch the a curve balls that keep coming. Invest in smart, space saving organizers for your desk as well as drawers. Create color-coded ‘zones’ within the work space that denote different aspects of your work day --- like a Priority Zone, Research Zone, Reference Zone, Current Projects one and Archives Zone. Remember, getting organized is a skill, we aren’t born with it. It’s something we need to learn and keep learning throughout life.
Aim to keep the area in front of and 6 inches to each side of your computer clear so that, simply, you can move comfortably. The small aggravation of not being able to move freely can really add to your mental stress. Same goes for your chair, which should be able to move in and out freely so that you don't feel "stuck" to your desk or workstation. 
3. Bring in Light and Greenery
Image Credits:www.decorationarticle.com
Bring in live, flowing energy into your work space with a desk plant. You will find a wide variety available at most nurseries. They not only keep the indoor air clean and fresh, they also are a positive life force that lends an air of calm to your work area. If you don’t have the space for a large live plant,  a small landscaped desktop Zen garden over the file counter will do the trick as well! Sometimes all you need to take the edge off is something nice to look at that calms your nerves and helps you relax. This tiny Zen garden can do the trick and it's super easy to make yourself. 
Good lighting is equally important and can make you feel less tired after a long day at work. While adequate lighting will keep your eye stress-free, soothing yellow lights in the background also promote a feeling of calm and relaxation.
Add decorative elements, but carefully. If you are going after a Zen aesthetic, you will also find that less is more. If you don't have the option of placing living plants or you just want to brighten up the space with more positive energy, decorate the walls of your space with framed photos of landscapes, especially those which include flowing water. These photographs create a calming and peaceful environment, helping you cope both physically as well as mentally with particularly stressful days.

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