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Your Guide To Finding The Right Carpenter in Mumbai


Looking for a good carpenter in Mumbai? The role of a carpenter is to make bespoke furniture, cabinets, doors and window frames. These skilled labour are also hired to hang doors, flush mount hinges, counter sink screws and fitting the outer and inner lock sets. Good local carpenters will come highly recommended by friends, family, neighbours or other customers. While it is good to check if they have undertaken work similar to yours, there are some other things you should know before you hire the right carpenter near Mumbai or in Mumbai.


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What Can The Right Carpenter in Mumbai Handle For You?

It is likely you will find a carpenter in Mumbai with a few specializations. A rough carpenter would be skilled at constructing trusses, roof work, and other crude construction wooden form work. Finish carpenter or Joiner is the one who is an expert at making cabinets, furniture designs, specialized woodworking, parquetry, model and musical instrument crafting. Often times, a local carpenter in Mumbai will have a team of rough carpenters who work under him and will handle the simpler tasks, while he himself handles the skilled details.


What Should You Expect From Your Carpenter?

While most professional carpenters will know how to work with wood to make cabinets, furniture and wardrobes for you, there are a few things you must ensure.


  • Choose a carpenter in Mumbai who has a good knowledge of different woods and their ideal applications in relation to your specific job.
  • Meet the entire team and make sure they are strong and fit, so they are capable of undertaking your project.
  • Ensure the carpenter can read the furniture drawings and blue print made by your architect or interior designer.
  • Hire a carpenter in Mumbai who works well with your interior designer or interior decorator. It is very important that all professionals working on your project have a good rapport with each other.
  • The carpenter you hire should have good knowledge of how the wood is going to be treated for longevity, termites and lasting polish.
  • Your carpenter in Mumbai should have all tools necessary for the job, and ensure accuracy with levels. He should have access to correct woodworking machinery either in-house or be able to hire a portable one for on-site.
  • An experienced carpenter in Mumbai will also be able to help you source materials and give you an accurate budget for the extra needed - wood paint, polish, handles, hinges and hardware etc.
  • Whether you are hiring a carpenter near Mumbai or someone local, make sure that they get to the site on time every day. If the extra labour is charging you a per-day rate, the carpenter should ensure that they do a full days work before leaving the site every night.
  • The site must be cleaned and cleared by the carpenter and his team every night. All waste disposal material should be put aside and dealt with too.
  • A reliable carpenter in Mumbai will discuss timeline with you before starting the project and stick to the pre-decided deadlines for completion of the project.



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