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How can I create my profile on FDI website?


For Homeowners/Commercial Spaceowners / Builders Go to Registration page. Fill in all your valid credentials. You will receive an email requesting confirmation. Once confirmed, you will have to complete your profile with all compulsory fields’ post which your profile will get created on website. Note: Your profile will get activated only when you will upload a portfolio and approval of the same.

For Interior Designers / Architects After you fill up the basic details you will be taken to an advance profile page which will have your business information. All the needed information needs to be provided so that you are listed. It also helps when a user searches for particular a criterion that matches your profile.

How can a professional upload portfolio on website?


Once your professional profile is created and you are logged in, go to “My Profile” from the drop-down under your profile photo on the top right, click on Add Project. For every project, you will have to submit all details of that project. Once submitted, administrator will approve your portfolio within 24hrs. Once approved, then only you will be able to add images in that portfolio.

How can add images to my portfolio?


Once a project is created in your profile, click on Projects Tab and click on Add Images link inside the project where you want to add the images, where you will be able to add as many images as possible. Once uploaded, Administrator will approve those images within 24 Hrs. You can edit every image by clicking on Edit button, where you can add tags to all images.

Where will I get information about new happenings in Interior design world?


You can visit our Interiopedia where you will get to read and browse articles on new trends, designs and best practices

I want to search designers in my city. Will FDI website provide me that information?


Visit our Find Interior Designer page, where you can search for Designers as per your state and city.

What is Find a Contractor and how it works?


In Find a Contractor you input your requirements and your preference and you will receive SMS with contractor details. Please note that to receive the Contractors’ details you need to be a Fevicol Design Ideas registered user.

Can a Professional share their Article on Fevicol Design Ideas website? How?


Yes, a Professional can definitely share articles on Fevicol Design Ideas. After logging in, there is a tab called "Articles" which has an option for "Add Article" which opens a page where one can add the article. The Article will be posted on the Interiopedia section after approved by the Admin.

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