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How to Grow Your Own Herb Garden?

Published on: Nov 1st 2015, Sunday
Category: Residential

Whether you have a large yard, small balcony or just a large window sill that gets direct sunlight, it’s easier than you think to grow your own herb garden even in a big city.  Herb gardens are great for two reasons. One – gardening, even if it’s only a teeny tiny bit, helps relax you and can transform into a healthy hobby. Two – herbs are so easy to grow useful for cooking that  a herb garden pays for itself in no time. 
Image Credits: www.3.bp.blogspot.com
Herbs are great fun to grow indoors. They're the perfect companion for the curious cook who isn't afraid to take a few chances and are a great asset to have in the kitchen. They don’t take much space and also reduce food wastage. After all, who hasn’t bought a huge bunch of coriander and had it rot in the fridge?! A herb garden ensures you use only what you need, and you also bring in a touch of natural greenery to your home that also caters to your on a functional basis. So, with that in mind, here are a few tricks to growing your own herb garden like a pro!
Assess the Space and Light Situation
Before you jump onto ‘what’ to grow, think carefully about the amount of space you want to dedicate to your herb garden and also check the light situation. Different herbs have different requirements and also grow at different speeds. Some grow too fast and become unmanageable too quickly for a small window sill area, others will grow slower. Research on how much light a particular herb requires and then check how many hours of sunlight your chosen herb garden spot gets realistically on a sunny day. Also, keep in mind that the amount and direction of sun will change throughout the summer, so be prepared to move plants around for maximum ray catching if needed.
Image Credits:www.sazhaemsad.ru
No matter what you choose to grow in your herb garden, it helps to buy seedlings and not seeds as a beginner. Using seeds can be more rewarding as you watch tiny baby plants sprouting from the seeds you sowed, but it needs a little more practice and expertise to get there. Go to a nursery with the list of herbs you’ve shortlisted based on your light and space situation and buy the healthiest seedlings you can find. You will get edible results mush faster and have a lesser likelihood of herbs dying in infancy. Popular herbs to pick include basil, thyme, parsley, chives, coriander and curry leaves. 
Image Credits: www.pinimg.com
Invest in Your Herb Garden
Now that you have the herbs at hand, start by buying basic gardening supplies. Pot size and shape will depend on what you’re growing but choose material wisely too. If you are buying potted seedlings, make sure that pot is large enough and deep enough for the herb plant to grow bigger with deeper roots. Also, pick up potting soil that formulated for containers and a good quality fertilizer to keep the herbs well nourished. A small watering can and trowel are also good to have, though not necessary. 
Image Credits: www.habitosvitales.com
Bear in mind, you don’t actually need a lot of gear to start gardening. Cardboard paper rolls make great DIY compostable starter pots and ceramic as well as glass baking ware makes for lovely pots that line window sills. You can also grow herbs in small tin pots (ones you get canned food in) if you make a few holes at the bottom for drainage, and mason jars are also very popular for home herb gardens. 
Another thing to keep in mind – give plants plenty of room. While potted plants rarely grow to their full size, they still need space to grow into healthy herb plants. Keep a close eye on rot and stagnant water as these can kill plants very soon. Turn the plant pots around frequently so that every corner gets sunlight and the plant grows evenly. 
Happy Gardening!

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