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Thematic Decor: Dos & Don’ts

Published on: Jan 11th 2016, Monday
Category: Residential

Not all décor themes have to be simple. Choosing an elegant, sophisticated and charming thematic décor is more than just a process - it needs to follow a few rules. While interior décor is all about creativity and injecting your own personality into your décor, these simple Do’s and Don’ts of thematic décor will help smoothen out your process.

Make your interior space a reflection of you with the right décor theme. Maybe you prefer an Arabian Nights theme? Or probably - Garden of Five Senses? Do you love a traditional look with classic furniture, timeless colours, and elegant fabrics? Or maybe you prefer a unique theme, such as nautical or beach, mod or eclectic. No matter your preference, our style ideas will help you decorate your ‘grown up’ room with flair.

Décor Theme: The Do’s
A thematic decor is often used in kids’ rooms but its scope doesn’t really end there. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You want a theme that is a bit more abstract and allows your creativity to soar.

     1.  Do Research
There are plenty of themes out there, and then there are plenty of ways to integrate a theme with your own aesthetic sense. While a nautical theme or cottage style theme aren’t exactly unique anymore, a ‘grown up’ Superman theme, retro futurism or a floral meadow theme will create more drama.

     2.  Do Collect Ideas
A theme unifies the decor and creates an instant cohesive look. It will make an interior design look harmonious and complete. However, there are many themes to choose from and each one brings a different mood to the room. Choosing a right theme for a certain room can make for an unusual home decor.

Image Credits: http://www.sweeturtle.com/

     3.  Do Think in Layers
Layering your decor will add instant depth, intrigue and pizzazz to the design. It’s really as simple as thinking in terms with colour, texture, lighting, and pattern via rugs, throw pillows, cushions, curtains, wall art and more. Each layer should further ingrate itself into the chosen theme without making things too ‘matchy-matchy’.

     4.  Do Pick a Focal Point
A quirky piece of furniture, a unique fabric pattern or a dramatic piece of art – choose one serious statement item for each space. This is the key to create a ‘grown up’ theme, as you don’t want to get too caught up in matching every single thing in the room. The focal point is the first piece of the puzzle... now create a more ‘deliberate’ decor around it that looks mature and sophisticated.

Image Credits: http://cdn.decoist.com/

     5.  Do Go Maximal on Accessories
If you’ve chosen a thematic decor for a room, make sure it is properly accessorized. If it’s ocean-inspired, decorative seashells and rocks can complete the aqua colour scheme. If the theme is urban and eclectic, artwork and industrial art are crucial. The right patterns in fabrics can also complete the theme and make the decor look more detailed.


Décor Theme: The Don’ts

     1.  Don’t Think in a Literal Sense
Go Abstract! The more abstract your decor, the more ‘grown up’ it looks.

Image Credits: http://boweryhouse.org/

     2.  Don’t Disregard Comfort
You may love a theme, but make sure it comfy. While there are no rights or wrongs, ultimately it's best to create a comfortable and welcoming room that pleases your own taste and is functional for use by your family.

     3.  Don’t Go Overboard
An overwhelming use of colour, pattern and accessories will create a very loud, fussy look that can often be considered ‘childish’. You don’t want to have too much going on in the same area.

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