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DIY Tips to Transform Your Work Space

Published on: Dec 1st 2015, Tuesday
Category: Commercial

Image Credit:www.thedailyparis.com
Tired of looking at your plain boring, cluttered office space? Why not spice up your workspace with some awesome décor hacks that don’t break the bank! With just a handful of few inexpensive materials and a smidge of creativity, you can customize your work desk and make it more organized and efficient. 
Working in a messy and depressing office can stunt your productivity, so here we have some DIY tips to transform your office space into a clutter-free happy zone that inspires and motivates you!
1. Handy Desk Organization
Reuse old tins to store your stationary. All you need to do is cover them up with colourful contact or wrapping paper with some glue, and they become pretty desk organizers. Bonus Tip: Instead of laying them out flat on the desk, stack them up to save space. 
Image Credits: www.amazonaws.com
Have lesser time to spare? Do the same thing with clear glass mason jars with no need for pretty paper
2. Reuse an Old Photo Frame
Keep your paper, pens and To-Do list neatly laid out in front of you by turning an old pretty picture frame into an organizer. Simply stick lines of canvas sheets end to end to create handy ‘pockets’. 
Image Creditshttp://1.bp.blogspot.com
Don’t have even that much extra time? Slip in a backing sheet labeled ‘To Do List’ under the clear glass and stick up post-its with handmade lists.
3. Shoe Box Organization
An old shoe box makes a great desk organizer. Use glue to cover the box with a pretty wrapping paper sheet and put old recycled tins within to stack your stationary in a handy, accessible way with this shoe caddy!
Image Credits:www.amazonaws.com
Another cool trick is to make a DIY book rack with old shoe boxes and binder clips. It’s real simple too! You can also do this with thin cardboard boxes, crates and even plastic containers. 
4. Manage all Those Cords Better
Sick of all those tangled up cords around your desk from your computer, printer, fax machine, and phone charger --- stuff that’s indispensable to your office space? Well, here are some cool tricks to manage all those cords without having to trip over them again and again!
You can attach a hook underneath your work table and loop all the cords through it, so they don’t hang on the floor and stay neatly ‘tucked in’. 
Image Credits:www.removeandreplace.com
Binder clips attached to the edge of your desk also make great cord sorters. Inexpensive and highly efficient! 
Once the cords are sorted, don’t forget to label them for easy identification. Use bread tags for this….isn’t it so simple to get rid of the cord menace?!
5. Small Item Storage
You may be able to sort all the big stuff with tins and jars, but what about the small stuff? Paper clips, rubber bands, staples, thumbtacks and pins seem to be lost in a large organizer and become difficult to find. Simple – look in your kitchen to find solutions! A great idea is to use a spice rack to store the items neatly.
Image Credits: http://g04.a.alicdn.com
Or, you can use something as simple as an ice cube tray to sort the small stuff out for your desk. You can swap out paper clips and brads for thread and beads, depending on your industry. Ice trays work well as dividers in drawers too.
6. Add Colours with Handmade Paper
Old boring office supplies are well, plain boring. So add a splash of colour and pattern by covering office binders in handmade paper!
Image Credits:www.pinimg.com
Then go ahead and add colourful paper to boring wooden file cabinets as well! It instantly uplifts the décor of the room and is super easy to do with glue. 

6 DIY Tips to Transform Your Workspace

Tired of looking at your plain boring, cluttered office space? Why not spice thing up with some awesome décor hacks that don’t break the bank!

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