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Turn Your Closet into a Home Office...

Do you often work from home? Create a space in your home and make this the only place you

Published on:May 31st 2016, Tuesday
By:Fevicol Design Ideas

10 DIY Ideas to Recycle Empty Bottl...

Love the idea of re-using and recycling? If so, you’ll love these 10 DIY ideas to recycl

Published on:May 20th 2016, Friday
By:Fevicol Design Ideas

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional...

Wondering if your home project is a DIY or something that needs a professional? Here's wha

Published on:Mar 11th 2016, Friday
By:Fevicol Design Ideas

Feng Shui Friendly DIY Home Decor P...

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come home to a place that encourages peace, calm and relaxat

Published on:Dec 1st 2015, Tuesday
By:Fevicol Design Ideas
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