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How To Make Your Decor Shine Through Furniture Interior Design Ideas?


Most of us do not give furniture design the right amount of credit. When it comes to good interior design, your choice in furniture will do much more than add aesthetic beauty to the room or make it feel 'complete'. Instead, the right furniture interior design will make any space more functional, giving it the right personality, making sure that your furniture caters to your specific needs for that space.


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Importance of Construction for Furniture Interior Design

Don't choose furniture simply because it is cheap, or feels like a 'good deal'. Instead, focus on furniture that is solid and heavy, because that is what makes a piece of furniture more durable in the long run. Furniture interior design ideas rely a lot on the longevity of each furniture piece. Avoid particle board and chipboard furniture pieces and instead, stick with solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for office furniture design or want new furniture for your home, lightweight aluminium is also best avoided, as it is not long-lasting.

Besides the material, the construction technique used for furniture pieces also plays a huge rule in their strength and durability. Ensure that all joinery, edges and stress-points are well constructed. Avoid any furniture that is put together with cheap glue or nailed together; instead, opt for high quality woodworking joinery details, even if it may drive up the cost of the furniture.


Pick A Furniture Design That Will Transcend Trends

While trendy pieces of furniture can instantly update an old-fashioned room, these are best kept to small pieces. Most of your weight-bearing furniture must be designed such that it transcends trends and remains timeless. The best furniture interior design often has a classic style that you can love now just now, but even decades later. Remember, a piece of furniture is an investment and says a lot about you and your decor personality, so you want to stick to furniture interior design ideas with a silhouette that has the right style for your space. Again, this holds true for both home furniture design as well as office furniture design.

The next aspect to consider for long-lasting furniture interior design ideas is the finish. Solid wood finish that is beautifully polished is timeless. Many furniture pieces undergo a dramatic transformation when the finish colour is altered. In fact, the good news with solid wood is that the polish can be changed if you ever choose to alter the colour palette for the room. You can easily take a chair from traditional to contemporary by changing a cherry stain to a shiny black paint. Similarly, a walnut wood piece of furniture will become instantly more modern and feminine when painted white. On the other hand, veneers, laminates, high gloss and lacquered finishes gel more with modern furniture interior design ideas, as these have a more contemporary feel to them.


Don't Forget To Add A Touch Of The 'Unexpected' Into Your Furniture Interior Design Ideas

While choosing solid wood, beautifully polished furniture may be a fail-proof way to elongate the life of your furniture interior design, there is no need to compromise on drama simply because you are opting for a timeless decor style. You can easily find unique furniture pieces that have an element of the unexpected to their design, or have an individualistic personality that makes the piece stand out. From the overall shape of the furniture piece to the upholstery fabric you choose, there are many ways to inject a little individualism into sensible furniture interior design ideas with a bit of creativity.

A nail head detail in a stylish loveseat, a quilted design in printed upholstery for the headboard, or a unique design of coffee table that turns an old trunk into a table are all great ideas that don't compromise quality for some extra style statement. Similarly, a unique shape in reception desk or a statement-worthy design for the meeting room table are great ideas to add the unexpected into office furniture design.

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