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6 Home Interior Design Rules For A Quick Decor Makeover


Are you looking for home decorating ideas that could help you spruce up any space, irrespective of the decor style or the size? If so, you are in luck!

Here is a truth - there are no true and tested home interior design ideas that designers follow in order to come up with creative, imaginative, interactive spaces for their clients. While home interior design is a lot about following your intuition and organically building up the personality of a room's decor, these 8 tricks guarantee to provide great results every single time. These home interior design rules are the very foundation of a great design, so make sure that you keep these in mind for your next decor makeover.


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Rule# 1: A Focal Point becomes a great place to start home interior design

Some decor pieces are destined to be stars, while others are designed to be a great supporting act. Make sure you can identify a star, and then make it the focal point that will anchor the decor of the room. The best home interior design ideas always feature a focal point - a mantel, an accent wall, a gorgeous art piece, a statement furniture piece or even a rug.


Rule# 2: Don't go overboard with furniture in your home decor plan

One of the biggest mistakes when decorating your home is to pick lots of furniture, and then think of ways to fit it all in the space. Do it the other way round. It's better to pick fewer, good quality furniture pieces than overstuffing your room with a lot of cheap furniture. Leave breathing room so you can create a good circulation flow with the pieces of furniture in the room.


Rule# 3: Learn to make the best use of a rug in your interior design

Don't have the budget to redo flooring? No problem - a fantastic rug can be just as dramatic a makeover for your home interior decor plan without overstepping your budget. However, do learn how to make the most of your rug. For a large room, choose a big rug and place the legs of the furniture on the rug for a luxurious feel that is also warm and cosy. For a smaller room, choose a smaller rug and make sure the legs of all furniture are off the rug - to create the illusion of larger space.


Rule# 4: Artwork must always be hung at the right height on the walls

Your artwork can be the very foundation of a fantastic home interior design idea. However, if displayed at the wrong height, artwork loses some of its impact. Always hang artwork at eye-level, irrespective of ceiling height.


Rule# 5: Resist the urge to create a catalogue-like home interior design theme

Yes, design catalogues look gorgeous. But they don't look like "real" rooms often. A home interior design that is too theme based lacks originality and individuality. You want to create a home decor that is a reflection of your own personality and looks customized for you and your lifestyle; not right out of an interior design magazine. This is why it's best to not buy everything displayed as a 'room design' at a furniture store - create your own set with matching pieces for a little drama instead.


Rule# 6: The paint colour for your interior design should be picked last

There is a logically reasoning for this too. Once you have other home decor elements in place, pick a colour that best complements the things in the room - like the upholstery colours, or the curtains, or even the accent colour from your rug. This will result in a more pulled-together look where all elements of decor gel with one another.

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