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Choosing The Best Interior Designer in Chennai For Your Budget Project


Looking to hire an interior designer in Chennai? It is important that your find not just any designer who fits your budget, but someone who has the right credentials, references and working methodologies for your small-scale project.

While it is quite alright to choose a fresher or someone with little experience if your budget is rather small, you will still need to ascertain a few things about the designer you choose. Picking up the local Yellow pages to find a list of designers in Chennai is not the best approach for you, as you want someone who can understand you and your design needs and do justice to your project.


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Look For References for Good Interior Designer in Chennai

The best starting point for finding an interior designer in Chennai is to ask local friends and family for references. This works especially well if you already love someone's existing design, as they can point you in the direction of the right interior designer in Chennai.

Going in blind and trying to find worthy designers in Chennai without any references can be a rather long and tedious project in itself. You will have to meet up with a bunch of designers and conduct interviews, and still may not find someone who is right from your budget project. Additionally, not all designers are equal. Some are more skilled, efficient and professional, and going for someone with references will prevent design delays, arguments and financial issues between you and your designer, since you are picking someone who has already proven he or she is reliable and worthy.


Clarify Credentials For Chosen Interior Designer in Chennai

Unlike architects who have to go through years of schooling and rigorous licensing requirements, interior designers can set up business regardless of their skill. You will find that several designers in Chennai did a simple 6 month diploma before they started practicing, which means that their fundamental basic knowledge may not be at par with someone who has done a 3 year course in Interior Design.

This makes it imperative that you ask for credentials, especially if you are choosing someone who isn't charging an exorbitant fee. While all interior professionals are concerned with aesthetics and style, licensed and experienced interior designer in Chennai have comprehensive training and skills to handle space planning, lighting, false ceiling, flooring, state and local building laws, constructional features and are also well-versed in interior design drawings and software programs for the same.


Know The Difference Between An Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

This is very important, especially since you have a budget project and may not want to spend on someone with a lot of experience, and hence higher fee structures.

An interior decorator in Chennai can be someone with little to no formal training. However, this is not to say that they are not professionals. Many interior decorators have years of experience and are trained to be experts on colour theory, space planning, textiles and fabrics, artwork, lighting design and more. However, their educational background will not be as extensive as that of an interior designer in Chennai, and they might not be the best choice if your budget project also includes some construction re-working - like tearing down of walls, redoing bathrooms with plumbing issues, building a smaller room within a large room etc.


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