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Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For Interior Designer in Delhi


If you are thinking of working with an interior designer in Delhi for your next decor project, you should know that this will become an intimate relationship. Your designer isn't just someone who will make your home look pretty; but is someone who will get to know you on a deep personal level so that they can turn your home into a harmonious haven that is uniquely yours.


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While there is no dearth of highly qualified and well experienced designers in Delhi, here are 4 things you must keep in mind when hiring the next designer for your project.


  • 1. Find an interior designer in Delhi who is the best fit for your project

    Not all designers in Delhi are created equal. You want to find the right designer who understands your needs and is willing to make your dream project come true. Fact is, any well qualified interior designer in Delhi will be experienced enough to hop from designing an urban apartment to a rustic farmhouse without missing a beat, but not all of them can work with you in the same way. Some designers are better known for their colour theory works while others are famed for their brilliant eye for picking one- of-a-kind textiles and decorative that will spruce up a space without any constructional changes. Know what you want, so you can narrow down your search.


  • 2. Get references for worthy and reliable designers in Delhi

    You will find a list of designers in Delhi in your local Yellow Pages and can also find many listed in local Interior Decor magazines as well as websites. If you love a particular design online or in a magazine and think you would like to meet with the designer to talk about your project, schedule a meeting and take it from there. Talk to friends who have fabulous houses and get the phone number for their interior designer. That's always a great place to start. If you are building from scratch or remodelling, know that involving the designer as early as possible is important so that he/she can work with the architect as well as contractor to rule out any potential discrepancies.


  • 3. Prepare for the meeting when you talk to designers in Delhi

    If you have shortlisted a few interior designers in Delhi and are scheduled to meet with them separately, make sure that you have done your homework well. Collect samples, pictures and more, so you can explain to the designer what exactly you are looking for. Some people may have trouble articulating their desired look, and your interior decorator in Delhi should offer to help you out by finding pictures of rooms you love either online or in design books so that he/she may understand your needs.


  • 4. Know the basic fee structure for hiring an interior decorator in Delhi

    If your project has more to do with decor and you don't need someone to break down walls or construct new ones, work with plumbing and electrical plans or professional landscaping designs, you will be well served by an interior decorator in Delhi. Some designers charge on the whole - they purchase materials, furnishings and more at a discount, then charge you the retail price, keeping the difference as their fee. Others will charge their fee for consultation and then connect you to various vendors, so you can source the right materials, furniture and furnishings along with your decorator. But there are quite a few interior designers in Delhi who will charge you a lump-sum amount based on your budget, and will use that budget for all purchases after having factoring their own fee into it. Choose someone with a fee structure that suits you best.



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