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Tips To Find The Best Carpenter in Chennai


Most of us don't need a carpenter very often, which is why it can seem a bit daunting to be able to identify a good carpenter from an inexperienced one. So how can you pick the right carpenter in Chennai? We give you fool-proof tips that will help you find, hire and work with the best local carpenter so that your furniture is beautiful, impeccably finished and lasts a lifetime.


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1.Find a good carpenter in Chennai through friends and family

The best place to start is not Google. Instead, talk to friends and family and ask them for references. It's best if you can see some of the work done before you make contact with the carpenter in Chennai, so that you have some clarity on their quality of work.


2.Check with colleagues if they know a good carpenter near Chennai

If you are new to Chennai and don't know anybody locally yet, asking colleagues at work for references is a good idea. In fact, if you get phone numbers for carpenters in Chennai who left behind a good impression on your colleagues, that's a great place to start. You can also check on their fee structure and have a clear idea of who will be a good match for you, even before you interview them in person.


3.Talk to your builder or your architect

In case you are doing a large-scale home renovation project, the builder or architect will be the best person to get you in touch with a furniture contractor. When the scale of work is large, it is possible to even hire a carpenter near Chennai who is exceptionally good, since the work is guaranteed to last more than a few days and pay well for the woodworking team to make the short journey into Chennai.


4.Arrange a meeting with at least 3 to 4 carpenter in Chennai

Don't just meet the first carpenter and rush into hiring him along with his team. Carpenters are skilled labour, so don't make your decision until and unless you are sure of the skill. Meet at least 3 to 4 carpenter in Chennai and even consider carpenter near Chennai and conduct a personal interview. After the individual meeting, jot down the pros and cons of each carpenter and then make the final decision.


5.Make sure the carpenter in Chennai you choose is the right fit

If you have decided on a particular carpenter in Chennai, meet him in person to let him know he is hired. This gives you a chance to gauge how genuine he is once he knows he has been hired. If the carpenter is late to the meeting, hire the next best option, because punctuality is a highly desired attribute in a professional carpenter. If he fails to show up on time for a simple meeting, a month long renovation can stretch out to 6 months! In case he is working at a site, ask to meet him there so you get a chance to see the quality and technique of his work in action.



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