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Top 5 Home Decor DIY Rules You Should Follow

Published on: Jul 4th 2016, Monday
Category: Residential

DIY home decor is all the rage these days, and oh so trendy! You can easily view exceptional tips free of cost when you browse the internet. This makes DIY one of the most cost-effective and definitely one of the more fun ways to take on a home improvement project. However, with the unlimited access we have to various types of projects, there are a few rules that we should never deviate from. This will guarantee that we get the most out of the time and effort we invest, and of course, the overall finish of the product.  Here are 5 rules you must follow whenever you undertake a DIY project –be it something small like an organiser, or something much bigger like painting the walls.

1. Understand all steps involved before you begin
This rule is a must to follow. A DIY project can seem much easier than it really is, especially if you are looking at images on how to recycle, repurpose and reuse old items. Make sure you watch a detailed YouTube video to understand all the steps involved in the process before you begin. Be it repurposing old boxes, turning an old can into a utensil holder, reusing old bed sheets and curtains, or redoing your backsplash tiles, you need to have a clear understanding of every step involved in the process before you get your hands dirty. Just imagine if you're halfway through a project and only then figure out you've left out one of the key ingredients. What a waste that would be! 
2. Choose the right materials
The beauty of DIY projects is that you can choose what the finished product looks like; be it rustic charm or contemporary edge – the method can always be tweaked to accommodate the style you’re going for. This is why it’s very important to draw out plans and settle on the kind of materials you want to use before you start. The look of the product will obviously influence your decision, but the amount of money you want to invest into the project also matters. For example, if you want to embellish a picture frame, you could invest in an expensive (but user-friendly) hot glue gun or simply use a tube of glue which would be cheaper but not as effective.
3. Buy extra material in anticipation of errors
Since you aren’t an expert, it is best to be prepared for errors. What if you get the very first step wrong? What if you measure incorrectly, or cut a fabric incorrectly? Having extra material on hand makes it easier for you to handle a project by yourself. If you make a mistake, start fresh. This is also helpful if you want to install lighting fixtures on your own, or want to revamp your bathroom. Extra material on hand gives you room to explore your creativity to the fullest, and also make any adjustments you may want to try with your own decor.
4. Take the necessary safety measures   
Precaution is always better than cure – we’ve heard this a million times. Yes, it may seem very apparent but we cannot stress enough on the importance of safety when starting a new DIY project. Even if it’s something as simple as stringing up fairy lights in your bedroom, we wouldn’t want you to electrocute yourself in the process! And we’re not even going to start on the ability of superglue to inevitably glue fingers together.
This step is even more unavoidable when taking on larger tasks that involve the use of power tools. It’s always best to have someone who has experience in the field present just in case of a sudden malfunction.
5. Find out how to store and maintain finished products
Want to repurpose mason jars into planters? Or maybe you’re trying a DIY no-sew cushion cover idea? Whatever you choose, it's best to fully understand the cleaning and maintenance of the end product. Sometimes a home decor idea may appear beautiful and seem very easy to complete, but can be completely impractical for your home in the long run. Don’t assume that a simple project will be the perfect fit for your home. If the maintenance turns out to be too expensive in the long run, or if cleaning up your new DIY trophy requires more time than what you’re willing to spend on it, it may not be the best fit for you. Similarly, if you are building something new, be well aware of how to dispose of all the waste materials once your project is over. If you want to paint your home on your own, what will you do with the paint brushes and paint trays later on? Do you have space to store them? You will also need to be able to store the ladder you will need to buy for the project. Do you have that much spare space? 
We’re absolutely certain that if you follow these steps to a tee, you’ll have yourself a beautiful finished product. We’re not going to talk about the necessity of cleaning up after yourself because we’re sure that you already understand the repercussions of not doing so.

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