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Turn Old Boxes Into Colourful Home Accessories

Published on: Jun 28th 2016, Tuesday
Category: Residential

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1PnKZzo

It’s time to bring out those "useless" old cardboard, cereal, shoe boxes, et al and turn them into colourful, useful home accessories with these simple DIY ideas. Transform drab interiors to infuse a hefty dose of colour with these tricks - all you need is a little creativity and, of course, those old boxes.

A colourful shadow box
A pop of colour on an otherwise bland wall can certainly brighten up any space. We're sure that almost everybody has a few shoe boxes lying around the house. Simply cover these with colourful paper like marble, glitter foam, handmade, foil, crepe, etc., or just paint them up to become shadow boxes. Choose between solid colours or an intricately designed pattern and use them to display lightweight decorative pieces on your walls, nothing too heavy as they may not able to support the weight.

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/25RzZUw

An accent box
Most of us look for things out of the ordinary to decorate our homes, something that will stand apart from the otherwise mundane clutter. It is also a known fact that coffee table items are conversation starters. These cardboard boxes, covered with pages of your old atlas, serve as excellent accent boxes for your coffee table and even double up as storage. So whether your travel bucket list is up to date or not, these are sure to create a globe-trotting theme for your living room and fascinate anyone who visits.

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1U8vkeN

Wall art
A simple project that can be picked up individually, with kids or with your partner; bring your imagination to life with these beautiful 3-D art pieces. Be it a country landscape, an underwater  scene or an abstract piece of art, these are sure to add glamour to your walls. Just use the lids from old cardboard boxes, and either cover them with decorative paper or bring out the paint box and let your creativity flow. You can transform them into instant and cost-effective wall art. They look very similar to canvas mounted modern art, don’t you think?

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1ZJOxlv

Drawer organizers
Picture this, you're running late for work and you simply can't find the one thing that you absolutely cannot leave without. Everyone hates a disorderly drawer, but we're willing to bet everyone has one. Cardboard boxes cut into different sizes and placed in a way to section off your drawer can act as impressive drawer organisers. Choose between printed marble paper or brightly coloured washi tape to add a touch of finesse and keep all your essentials easily visible and accessible in a colourful space.

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1Udp4iW

Magazine holder
Wondering where to store last months subscriptions when the ones for this month are due any day now? Sometimes, we're just not ready to part with them. Well, old cereal boxes, neatly done up with some fabric swatches transform well into pretty magazine holders. They can even be used as mail organisers. Your options are endless; you can go geometric, floral, abstract, and choose whichever best suits the overall decor of your home.
Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1WKZ1TG
Desk organisers
Be it a study desk, work desk, or merely a craft or hobby station, a tidy set up outdoes a mess any day of the week; but is it really necessary to invest in expensive stationery? From a pen and pencil holders to file caddies, boxes of different shapes and sizes can easily be used to organise your desk. And you can customise them to your liking too. 

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1Jz8ND9

A jewellery display
How many times have we searched for hours on end for the earrings we know will match our outfit perfectly... if only we could find it. Who would have thought that the solution would be staring us in the face all this time? A cardboard lid, some fabric and intelligently placed thumbtacks are all you need to organise your jewellery and make it a part of your decor. Now isn't that better than a jumbled mess? 

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1PW3798

A charging station
Our lives revolve around cables and batteries, and well, more cables. Hate all the wires you have around your desk? If you do, then this smart charging station is definitely for you. It's large enough for your multi-plug to neatly fit inside and is made from a shoe box with strategically cut out holes. So you don't just sort out one or two chargers, you take care of the whole lot!

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/1XipRCu

A towel basket
Want to add an exceptionally rustic and chic look to your storage area? Pick up an old cardboard box  and some jute yarn from the local hardware or dollar store get wrapping. Be sure to cover the cardboard box with an adhesive to better secure the yarn and you've got yourself these beautiful towel baskets. They'll instantly add oodles of pizzazz to an otherwise boring bathroom. 

Image Credits: http://bit.ly/V15Lih

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