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5 Ways to Add the ‘Wow’ Factor to Your Bungalows and Villas

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Bungalows and villas have tons of potential when it comes to displaying your creative side.

Whether it’s shabby chic, country cottage or contemporary designs you’re going for, we’ve got a few bungalow maintenance tips that will add that special ‘wow’ factor to your home. 


Play with natural light

Bungalows and large windows are a match made in interior design heaven. Play with the natural light that your villa has been blessed with and allow it to illuminate your home.




Not only will this brighten up the place, but natural light tends to make any space appear larger and expands the perspective of your interiors. Drape light and thin curtains for an airier feel. 


Bring on the accents

One way to add a touch of drama to your villa is by adding accents like rugs and carpets. You can either choose a shaggy rug in a solid colour to blend well with other elements in your bungalow or a vivid, printed carpet for added oomph.



Other villa maintenance tips are to make use of vintage items like ornate wooden room dividers that create the illusion of separation without actually doing so. 


Smart storage spaces

Maximizing storage space in a bungalow or villa doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. There are certain areas that can effortlessly transform into smart storage spaces. If you have a two-storied villa, the space under your staircase is ideal for storage.



You can transform it into a floor to ceiling bookshelf to house your library or install pull-out drawers for additional storage. You could also use the space under the stairs as a makeshift kids’ playroom. They will love it, especially if they are Harry Potter fans! 


Bring the great outdoors indoors

Among some of the best villa maintenance tips and ideas is to bring plants into your home. Houseplants don’t only offer several health benefits like purifying the air, improving sleep patterns and moods and lowering blood pressure, but they also make your bungalow look stylish, chic and modern.