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Main Door Design Ideas

FDI helps you choose the best main door design for your home. The executives at FDI will give you the best door design ideas. The main entrance in a household is probably the most important thing. It provides security, visual appeal and even acts as an overall covering. Every day before sleeping or going out, we check if we have locked the main door. Privacy and security are paramount in today’s society, where nothing can be regarded as safe. To be safe and secure, you need to choose the right main door. The idea of selecting the right main door is associated with many factors, the foremost being the material that one should choose.

List of materials that can be used for making doors:

The good old wood: Wood is the best and oldest choice of material for front doors. The main door is not a new thing, and we have seen since time immemorial doors getting made out of wood. Wonder why? Well, this is because of its high durability and customisation power. Wood can either be hardwood or softwood. Hardwood like oak and softwood like pine and maple can be used for making doors. Mahogany wood is another right choice. Not only its different types can be useful in designing doors, but you can easily carve wood, paint it with different colours and decorate it the way you like. Wooden doors have an excellent finish; they are polished with varnish, which makes the door look better. These were the benefits; there are also a few cons of using wood as a primary door. Wood has an inherent problem of soaking water. This water-absorbing results in warping, sagging and even peeling of wood if damaged for a long time. The best way to avoid such damage is to add cover or door in front of the main one. Insulating the door can help keep the effects of the weather at bay. Wood requires maintenance from time to time; hence make sure you look after them well. Doors made out of solid wood can be costly, as compared to hollow wood. Regardless of the wood type you use for your main door, make sure that you add some panel or new shed to increase its longevity and use Showcase Exterior from Pidilite to beautify the door. The power of steel: Steel is acclaimed for its security, durability and a higher insulation value as compared to wooden doors. Steel is one of the hardest alloys on the planet, and it comes as no surprise that they are the most secure of all materials used in making doors. Imagine the worst case scenario of intruders trying to break into your home. They can try to push or even break open a wooden door, but what happens in case of a steel door? Well, by the time they attempt to break in, you will be alarmed by the noise. Steel doors require proper maintenance, or they can become rusty or even have dents when mishandled. Being a little less expensive than wooden doors, steel doors can be painted in different colours, which make it have a different look. Also, know that they might require repainting from time to time. Fibreglass: These are probably the latest and most used type in new households. Fibreglass does not need trees to be cut down; hence if you feel bad about getting wooden doors, this is the perfect option. Fibreglass is made up of different composite materials and are very strong. With little to no maintenance required, these fibreglass doors can even be given a wood-like look. Thereby, you get a wooden door without the hassle of maintenance. But there can be one major disadvantage with fibreglass, and that is they start fading with time. Fibreglass is an expensive material and hence, fibreglass doors are slightly expensive and often cost the same as hardwood doors. Aluminium doors: Very much like steel doors, aluminium doors use an insulated core, which is usually covered by a metal skin. The unique feature of aluminium doors is that they are not sold like other types of doors. Instead, they are a bit exclusive and custom built. There are specific dealers you need to get in touch with for making this kind of door. If you do not know any, then do not worry, here at FDI, our specialised executives are trained to help you out in your times of need. There are many styles and designs when it comes to aluminium doors. Because of their customisation option, you can get whatever design you want. They come with a minimum of 20 years of warranty. Now the price, well, so much of exclusivity, safety and durability come at a cost. Aluminium doors are the second priciest doors after solid wood doors. Now that you know about different materials from which your front door can be made, you must be wondering about the door design you should go with. There are numerous door design ideas that you can find in the market. The styles go with different house structures; our FDI consultants will help you choose the right one for your house.

Here is a list of the most popular door designs:

Panel doors: These doors have panels which are further encompassed by rails and stiles. These give the door an altogether different textured look. This traditional design is most often seen on solid wooden doors. Plank doors: You can call plank doors and panel doors as cousins as they are quite similar except for one small difference: plank doors are made of vertical planks, placed side to side. Flush doors: This must be a relatively new term, or not for some. These doors have a flat surface without any raised planks or panels. Usually aluminium, steel or fibreglass doors are made in this design. Nevertheless, sometimes, hollow wood doors also follow this design. French doors: These are aesthetic doors with two sides that are hung one beside another and have handles in the middle. Mainly used for wooden or fibreglass doors, these are also made of glass and look very good. Sliding doors: These doors have one moving glass panel and another stationary one. These open and close on a track system. Even though the panels are made out of fibreglass or glass, the frames can be made out of aluminium, vinyl, or even wood. Dutch doors: These will mostly remind you of British movies and farmhouses. With the top and bottom halves that open and close without any significant restriction, they are typically made out of wood. These were some styles of door designs one can check. At FDI, we make sure that our customers wish and thoughts come first, our specialists will make your dreams into reality and guide you through the process. Let us know your budget beforehand, and we will try to make your wishes come true. With our unique door design ideas, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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