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Dining Tables Ideas

If you want to revamp the look of your dining room with the help of a new dining table, get in touch with Fevicol Design Ideas' furniture specialists to get some innovative design and décor ideas.

Revamp your dining area with a dazzling dining table

A dining area is a place where we get to spend fun time with our family. It is the area where we bond with our friends, family, and guests. There is this adage that says: 'A family that eats together stays together'. The saying does hold truth. When a family sits together in the dining room, family members get a chance to have a conversation with each other. Everyone gets to know what's happening in other members’ life. It is a platform where one gets to share his/her feelings with his/her family. The dining room is one of the unique parts of any house. As the whole purpose of having a dining area is not only to eat food together but also to experience a memorable family time while relishing home-cooked food. If you want to decorate your dining area and make it unique, then make sure you get in touch with FDI's team of professionals. They will offer a host of exciting dining table designs and ideas, and also help you create a personalised dining room or dining table design ideas if required.

Importance of a dining room

Bonding zone for families

Every house must have a special place for dining. A dedicated space is to ensure that each family member comes to one single place and have food with complete family. Thus, a dining area or a dining room can be described as a bonding zone for family members as they get to spend some valuable time with each other every day as they have food.

Perfect place to hold mini get-togethers

If you have a small get together, involving only a few people, then there is no better place to host dinner or lunch than in the dining room. A dining room is an ideal place to have a good time while enjoying food. Therefore, it becomes all the more critical to design and decorate the dining room pleasantly. You'll be hosting dinner for your relatives and friends in the dining room when they come to visit you in your home. You would want to impress them with the design and décor of your dining room. When it comes to designing the room, dining table design plays a major role. You might even need assistance from the furniture specialists at Fevicol Design Ideas to get the best dining table ideas.

Keep the house mess-free

One of the key benefits of having a dedicated dining area is that it saves other parts of the house from getting messy. As, if you follow the practice of eating together in the dining room, then everyone would be assembling at this one place only to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner. And nobody would be eating in their rooms or the living room. In this manner, there would be fewer chances of furniture getting stained in other areas of the house.

The dining table is the key attraction of dining area

The most important part of a dining area or a dining room is the dining table. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that you need to focus the most on the dining table. The table should match the décor of the room and the house. Though, you may also plan the complete décor of the dining room based on the table you select, vice versa. Just that it is essential for the style of the room and the dining table design to be in sync with each other. For instance, say if you want to go for a French-style dining room style, then, in that case, the dining table should also be French-styled. For expert supervisions, it is suggested you get in touch with FDI's furniture pros. They will suggest some interesting and unique dining table design ideas.

Type of dining tables and dining table designs

Contemporary Dining Table

Modernist design ideas mostly influence contemporary dining room decors or dining table designs. Modern tables are primarily sleek and slender. They are made up of either wood or metal and sometimes both. As such tables do not take a lot of space, they are perfect for small dining rooms. If your dining room has a relaxed décor, inclined towards the contemporary look, then this type of dining table design is ideal for you.

Scandinavian Dining Table

Scandinavian furniture is simple, yet it looks great. It is clean, natural, and quite durable. These tables are stylistically apt for both modern and elegant décor themes. Mostly, a lighter shade wood is used to make such tables. The main advantage of using Scandinavian table is that it is meant to last for a long time. And it offers a warm and relaxed touch to the dining area. Also, because the table is entirely made up of wood, make sure you use an efficient water-resistant coating like Pidilite's Marinekoat to safeguard the table from unnecessary moisture.

Rustic Dining table designs

If the furniture in your home is based on a rustic theme, then there is nothing better than going with a rustically designed dining table for your dining room design. If not, at least give a rustic look to your dining area. You should look for some interesting rustic dining tables ideas for your dining room. This type of furniture offers a unique back-to-nature feel to the room. Most of the rustic dining tables and furniture are made with the help of unpainted wood, so they look natural. At the same time, the shapes of the furniture are hand-carved, and this makes such pieces of furniture all the more appealing.

Industrial Dining Table

In case you want to go for something completely offbeat, then go for an industrial dining table. This type of table showcases the look of an industry or factory, as the name suggests. So, you can add various other interesting elements shaped like tools and machines. Therefore, there is a lot of scope of innovating when you want to choose industrial dining décor for your dining room. As mostly the dining table would be made using wood, you must take measures to protect the table from water exposure. You can use Fevicol Marine as a waterproof adhesive to safeguard the table from getting damaged. If you want to make your dining room extra special, then there is nothing better than getting in touch with FDI experts as they will help you with innovative furniture design ideas. Also, don't ignore the importance of taking care of furniture you purchase. Use products from Pidilite to protect the wooden furnishing from damages.

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