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Display And Wall Units

Call them display units, wall units, TV wall units, or TV wall cabinets, all the names suggests one single piece of furniture—TV wall cabinet, the place where we put our TV sets. Buy the best TV cabinet for your living room with us. FDI helps you find the best TV display cabinet or wall mount for your living room. Our furniture experts offer unique wall unit ideas and designs. In this article, learn how to pick the best TV wall unit and maintain its quality.

How to Pick Display & Wall Units Wisely

A TV wall cabinet is one furniture piece that surpasses every other furniture piece in the living room. It should not come as a surprise when complete furniture setting of your home is evaluated basis your display unit resting in the living room. Every other piece of furniture in living room faces the TV wall unit, making the TV cabinet king of furniture at home.

The type, shape, size and TV wall unit designs vary considerably. A host of exciting display unit designs are on display in the furniture world out there. Thus, choosing one best TV wall cabinet is a bit difficult. You may spend weeks or even months finding your perfect TV unit. Again, remember that complete furniture design in your living room is affected by your TV display unit design as you make the purchase for your wall unit.

Importance of choosing the best TV wall unit design

As you might know, numerous TV wall unit designs are available in the market. Some of the display units are built for wall mounting, while the others come in the form of a cabinet. However, it is essential to select the best TV display unit design for your living room and a lot depends on the design you choose.

As mentioned earlier, a TV display cabinet is the centre of attraction of any living room. It takes a reasonable space in the living room, and the rest of the furniture in the room is designed and positioned based on the design of the TV cabinet. Therefore, choosing a perfect TV cabinet for your living is some real task.

Consider these parameters while selecting a TV wall unit design

Shape and size

Size and shape are two of the most critical parameters to consider while buying a TV wall cabinet. A TV cabinet should not take too much space in the living room, and should not make the room look messy. At the same time, it should be ideal for the size of the TV—one vital thing to consider while buying a TV display cabinet.


Apart from selecting an apt shape and size, it is also essential to choose a wonderfully designed TV cabinet. To choose the right design, you might want to go through a host of exciting wall unit ideas. The colour, type and texture of the wall unit should be in sync with other furniture kept in the living room. A misfit can spoil complete appearance of the living room—the most important room in your home. When it comes to choosing the best TV cabinet for home, we must know all the different variants of it.

Listed below are a few different types of TV cabinets:

TV consoles

Television consoles are very popular. A console design encompasses a beneficial shelving and offers abundant surface area. It can be regarded as one of the most thoughtfully designed TV display units.

A console is a typically short piece of furniture which is simple, yet very useful. Most of the TV consoles come with close shelving and a generally rectangular structure. Most times, wood is used to make TV consoles. While using wooden TV console, make sure you use furniture polishing products that offer complete protection of furniture. You can use products from Pidilite to amplify the longevity of your furniture.

Open shelving

One of the other most common types of TV wall unit design idea is open shelving. Open shelve designs help you save on space. Most such units are built for direct installation into the wall. They are not only less obtrusive but also look simple and classy.

The open shelves induce a delightful and free visual vibe in the room. An inner frame holds a set of different shelves together, and a mounting bracket provides support to the TV. Want to get some innovative open shelving ideas? Get in touch with FDI’s design experts.

The hutch

A hutch is also one of the most interesting pieces of furniture. In the hutch design, the shelves or the cabinets are stacked on top of horizontal counter space. There is a dedicated place to keep your TV. It is accompanied by several cabinets and storage spaces. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the most useful types of TV display units as it lets you store and display a lot of things other than offering a structure around your television.


A swivel-design TV wall unit is one of the most fascinating TV cabinet types. In this, the complete structure is set up on a rotating platform. Thus, the stand can be angled at different positions based on the preference of the viewer. You can easily direct the TV to a different direction for better vision. Also, it allows you to install or position speakers in the cabinet. Thus, it not only is one of the most attractive, but also one of the most useful TV display cabinets amongst all.

Customised TV wall units

Many people prefer to build their own TV display. Though there are plenty of attractive TV wall unit design ideas and variants, you can go for some design that is in your mind or add some function you want in your TV display unit. You can look for some wall unit inspirations and create your personal superb TV display unit that not only matches the décor of your home but also fulfils your needs.

You can take suggestions from furniture designing experts at FDI. The designing exerts have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in furnishing and designing TV cabinets. FDI designing experts can devise customised and personalised furniture design plans for you.

How to maintain the quality of TV display cabinet

It is critical to maintaining the look and quality of your TV cabinet. You can use various furniture products to boost the durability of your furniture. When you are using a wooden TV cabinet, make sure you buy effective adhesives and coatings from Pidilite to enhance the appearance of your wood furnishings.

TV wall units and cabinets come in various shapes and sizes, and not every design suit every home. Therefore, it is imperative to select the perfect TV display unit for your living room. To make the right decision, you may consider taking advice from FDI’s experts.

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