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TV Unit Design Ideas

A living room décor is incomplete without a full-screen television on a beautiful TV unit with decorative items on its shelves. Enhance the charm and elegance of your living room with a TV unit design for your television. Be it a contemporary or classic or traditional or minimal room décor, pick the style that fits the best to add functionality and decorative elements to your room. The TV unit design ideas vary from designs for a comfortable television viewing experience to that of adequate storage spaces with multiple shelves. Everyone wants to own the best TV unit design with a spectacular style and incredible functionality. However, choosing the right TV unit design depends on a variety of factors.

Factors to Consider when Selecting TV Unit Designs

There are a few things that we need to consider while deciding on the TV unit design and picking the one we want to install as a furniture unit in our living room. It is essential to understand the style and appearance of the television, and the space available for it. Out of the plenty of TV unit designs available, we can choose the one that suits our TV and space perfectly fine. Apart from these factors, we need to make sure that its material and finish also match the style, design, and color of the room. The TV set units are made of different materials, including wood and metal. It is also necessary that you pick a unit that is durable and structurally sound that can hold the weight of the television and other elements. Also, there is a chance of termites getting into your furniture and eating it from inside. In that case, your TV unit furniture would be in shambles in a few years. Use a product like Terminator from the stable of Pidilite to gain protection against termites and borers. Another factor that we need to keep in mind is its storage space. Some TV unit designs have multiple shelves in different designs while some have more open surface spaces. You can choose the one that meets your requirement, which can be of storing multimedia devices or accentuating the look of the area with decorative items.

Few things to understand while exploring TV unit designs

As you go on to pick an ideal TV unit as an addition to the furniture of your house, it is necessary to be sure of a few things. Make sure if you want a wall-mounted TV unit design or a free-standing one. A wall-mounted unit looks sleek and stylish, occupying less floor space, except for it storage shelves. Again, the furniture for a wall-mounted TV needs to be protected from moisture, which can be achieved by coating the bare plywood with a product like Marinekoat from Pidilite. A free-standing TV unit displays a classic traditional look. Apart from the TV unit design ideas, it is also essential to study the space where you are planning to plant this furniture item, whether it is in your living room or bedroom or guest room. Depending on the area, you can decide on the size and style of the TV unit.

How much storage space do you need?

The storage space you need in a TV unit depends on the equipments you have. Even the TV unit design varies as per the types of equipment, such as surround sound speakers and additional audio/video equipment. If you have various multimedia devices, wires, and cords, and you want to keep it separate and organised, it will be recommended to go for TV unit design ideas with multiple shelves.

Pick the Right Material

It is a personal choice to choose the material of a TV unit. Wood gives a natural warmth with a traditional appeal. You can opt for either veneered plywood for its aesthetic appeal or plywood as it is stronger to support heavy weights. A TV unit is the one of the top furniture in a room and hence, they are imparted with the most premium look possible. The furniture is laminated with high-quality and textured laminates so that they are durable. These laminates are mostly more than 1-millimetre thickness and if not pasted with the right quality adhesive result in spring back action leading to bubble formation. For such requirements, Fevicol Hi-Per can be applied to result in premium quality work. Other materials you can choose are glass, stainless steel, aluminium, and modern plastic. Each of these has a unique look and appearance in the construction of TV units. Tempered glass is another elegant and stylish material that you would want for your contemporary décor.

Popular TV Unit Designs

Television units have become an essential part of our room décor. It is also vital to mount it well and place it in the right space to accentuate the look of the room. Available in various styles and sizes, there is a wide range of TV unit designs that suit just right for every specific room and TV. However, one needs to consider the space and design of the room to pick the right kind of TV unit design. Also, one needs to be aware of the variety of TV unit designs that one can choose from. For sticking laminates to the curved borders of the tv set, regular glue doesn’t work effectively. For this application, Fevicol HeatX with high grab and fast setting faster properties works well as compared to regular white glue.

Open shelves

One of the most popular TV unit designs, open shelves serve a practical purpose with a less flashy arrangement yet an eye-pleasing unit to add to your decor. Its design features a centre frame with many shelves for storage and an escalated support designed for the television.


A console-style TV unit design integrate shelves and a spacious surface area for the television, making it an incredible piece of furniture for the living room. It features shelves in different designs, including closed shelves.

Audio tower stand

An audio tower stand is a functionally equipped TV unit design with audio towers. It is a full entertainment unit with a contemporary style that fits just right with your modern room décor. The TV unit features a centre stand and a pair of tall shelves designed for speakers and other equipment.

Classy Cabinet

If you are looking for a TV unit design that is sleek and occupies less space, a classy cabinet suits your décor perfectly. It is available in two styles: one has a surface for the television with closed shelves, and the other has a complete cabinet with total coverage inside which the screen can be hidden.


Swivel is designed with a minimalist approach, and it is classy and contemporary. This TV unit design stands on a rotating platform that can be altered to change position for a better viewing angle. If your television does not have a revolving base, this TV unit design is the best option.


The floating TV unit design has a wall-mounted style with cover-ups for wires and cords. Either you can put the television on the top or wall-mounted above the floating unit. It offers an open and clean floor space.

Complete Centre

The complete centre TV unit design features a large television stand with various open and closed shelves for storage purposes. It accentuates your living room with the entertainment ensemble. With the understanding of the above mention information about the types of TV unit designs and its materials, it will be easier to make an informed and conscious effort to pick the right TV unit design as your furniture unit. After considering the factors and their importance, it will help you in purchasing the TV unit that fits just right for your television and space. So, make sure you do justice to your sleek flat TV screen and the elegantly decorated room. At Fevicol Design Ideas, you can find a large number of TV unit design ideas to suit your interior décor theme. Plus, with the help of Pidilite’s products like adhesives and coatings, keep your piece of furniture sturdy and durable for years to come.

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