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Coffee & Center Table Design Ideas

A table is the integral part of our homes, whether it’s a side table, breakfast table, dining table, or a study table. Similarly, coffee and center tables are also needed. Buy the best table for your home with FDI. Fevicol Design Ideas helps you find the best center table or coffee table for your home. Our furniture experts offer unique coffee & center table designs. Learn about variants of coffee & center table, its types, and how to choose a coffee table design.

Variants of Coffee & Center Tables

Coffee and center tables are a part of almost every household. If not, side table, breakfast table, dining table, or even a study table is also used for a coffee break. Center tables are mostly kept in the center of living rooms. Whereas, coffee tables can be present in living rooms as well as other parts of the house. We often ignore the fact that tables in the living room are as important as the sofas or the chairs in a living room. In fact, tables form the core of the living room furniture set up, as most of the furniture is positioned around the center table. Therefore, you have to be very careful while selecting a center table for your living room. Many coffee & center table designs are present in the market. However, at times, it might be difficult to select the best coffee table design. You can contact with the furniture geniuses from Fevicol Design Ideas, who can provide you with several unique coffee & center table designs and ideas. Also, coffee table designs have the potential to uplift the style quotient of any room. Therefore, we have to be careful while reviewing coffee table design ideas based on their style. The table design we choose should be apt for the look and theme of the room. There are various other things you should consider while selecting the best coffee & center table design for your home.

Listed below are different types of tables:

Glass center tables

Glass center tables are, and will remain one of the most elegant types of tables. Glass tables mostly fall under the category of luxurious furnishing as they add a dash of class to any living room. There are various categories of glass tables available in the market that fit a range of budgets. So, if you intend to add classiness in your living room with a glass center table, varied options await you. If you are choosing a glass and wood table, make sure that your wooden furniture stays fit for long by using reliable wood furnishing products from Pidilite.

Contemporary coffee tables

Contemporary coffee tables have several variants. The term is comprehensive and this category of coffee tables contain several stylistic touchstones. However, the tables are called modern because they are styled for the ‘present’. An up-to-date look and novel features make contemporary coffee tables a favourite for many. Most of the popular coffee tables encompass a transformative design and a bunch of wedge-shaped ottomans can be put separate from the main body of the table. Contemporary coffee tables are on the top of the list of coffee table designs and ideas’ for many homeowners as they are well suited for the modern choice of furniture.

Rustic tables

The rustic style of furniture is perfect for antique or rustic décor. Rustic tables evoke countryside appeal. They are a bit old fashioned, but at the same time, they add a unique charm to any room. Rustic coffee tables are mostly made up of wood. The woods are carved delicately into simpler patterns to create a center or a coffee table. Some of the rustic tables even contain a brass fitting, which further enhances the bygone feel of the table and the room. If you want to go for a rustic wooden table, make sure you use Terminator preservative from Pidilite—a world-class product that protects wood from termites—in the coffee table’s making.

Eden center table

Eden center table is one of the most high-grade variants of tables. They are most apt for a luxurious or royal kind of setups. Eden center table symbolises the tree of knowledge and makes your living room more attractive. Most of the Eden center tables are made using very high-quality materials and textures. They are carved with perfection to emit chic vibes. The carefully engraved top of the table becomes the center of attraction of the living room. Thus, if you want to add something natural looking, yet keep the look of the room luxurious, then you should surely go for Eden center table. However, don’t forget to use Pidilite’s world-class adhesives and wood finishing products to protect the wood from damage.

Metal tables

At times, people often go for metallic coffee & center tables. Some of the modern metal tables are beautifully designed. But, in comparison to wooden and glass tables, the popularity of metal tables is low. But, if you want to go for a metal table for it to suit the décor of your home, then you can readily find several designs and styles.

How to choose the best coffee table design

To get unique coffee table ideas, you must connect with the people who deal with furniture designs. The furniture designing experts at FDI have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding coffee & center table designs. Also, they readily know what type of table would best fit your room. They can also determine the most suitably sized, and shaped table for your room. More interestingly, they offer unique and innovate design ideas intended to boost the look of your room. When it comes to selecting the best design for any furniture, first of all, you should always make sure that it syncs with the look and feel of the room. Secondly, it is of utmost importance to identify your needs. Not all the tables, no matter how good they look, would be able to suffice your, and your family’s needs. Hence, you should first identify the primary purpose for which you need a table. Then, asses the right size, shape and kind of table that is perfect for you. Now here, the role of your housemates come into the picture as they might have a different perspective to offer. The important thing is that the furniture is useful for the whole family. Now that we have understood that there are so many different variants of tables, it is time to look around and determine which table will be perfect for your home. To see whether you want a glass to add to the charm of your room, or you want a rustic table to enhance the antiqueness of your room. The choice is yours! Just make sure that you choose a table that fits into your room nicely and matches the décor or theme of your room. Also, you always have the option to contact the furniture designing experts at FDI to help you with the best table design and ideas. They can even draft personalised furniture designing ideas for your specific needs.

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