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Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

FDI is ready to assist you in choosing the best walk-in closet for your bedroom. Our interior designers can offer innovative and exciting ideas that will transform your space, especially supporting to kitchen and dining, living room, bedroom, as well as other areas. Give your closet character with these walk-in closet ideas which will save your space as well as reflect your sense of style. These space–saving ideas are efficient and practical. One must know which ideas to choose from depending on one's need and desire while selecting the right closet..

Selecting the best walk-in closet

The bedroom is your private space. This is where you live and belong. The clothes you wear defines you. As per your personality, you choose your clothes and accessories with time and patience. Similarly, a walk-in closet gives you a luxurious space in modern apartments. It is like walking into a different time zone where it is only you and your clothes. When it comes to closets, there are plenty of ideas one can toy with. We have listed seven types of walk-in closet design ideas which are workable as well as fancy.

Against the wall

At times the passage that connects the bathroom to the bedroom is too narrow for designing a closet alongside. In such cases, it is always a great idea to build the wardrobe against the wall in the corner, especially opposite to kitchen and dining. One can add a mirror to match or a dresser for more storage. The mirror brings a spacious look.


For homes not having adequate space for wardrobes on either side of the passage, one wall of any other area that suits can be used to room a closet. A beautiful mirror can be fixed along the full wall. The glass is a lovely reflector, making space seem more extensive than what it is. A look at the glass will ensure one is well dressed for any occasion. To make sure that the mirrored one-sided walk-in closet is durable, use Fevicol.

Dressing Room cum walk-in closet

For large rooms, an elegant dressing room with floor to ceiling closets work very well. Pastel hues or pristine whites add to the airy look in these rooms. A beautiful table in the centre of the room is useful in putting different clothes and accessories, just before you try them on, bit by bit. Many fashionable ladies opt for a marble-topped table with beautiful wood carvings at the bottom. Such a walk-in closet design gives the room a luxurious look.

Dressing Drawers

A dressing area may not necessarily be restricted to wardrobes with myriad shelves. Drawers are handy for storage of garments and fashion items. Dressing drawers offer organised storage. Black and white combination chequerboard drawers give a fashionable look in a starter family home. A cream and golden combination, on the other hand, can provide a classic look for a mature couple.

Designer Dressing

A simple dressing area between a bedroom and washroom is often made very appealing by adding a few colourful strokes. Soft floral designs on the sliding doors of the closet, intricately carved patterns on high wall–mounted mirror with beautiful lighting makes the room elegant. A stroke of Wudfin Melamine provides superior gloss.

Some pointers to keep in mind

Colour balance

There is no need to balance the colours of pink and blue as you do not have to share this space with your partner. This is your "me-zone", and there is just no need to balance the colours. So, go ahead and paint the walls and the closets, your favourite yellow or brown. Of course, for newly married couples who prefer sharing a closet, one needs to go for neutral colours.

Wall Paper

In larger rooms, an expensive wallpaper can prove to be unaffordable. Small closets look luxurious when a fancy wallpaper adorns its walls. It is at the same time, affordable.

Storage maximisation

The items must be sorted and organised in the closet. Your regular clothing must be at eye level and less used items can be folded neatly at an arm's length in the cabinets and drawers. The watch and the piece of jewellery that you wear every day must be in a secure drawer but quickly accessible. The massive and fancy jewellery can remain bolted deep inside the closet only to show its face during special occasions.

Securing walk-in closet ideas

Strength and reliability are essential for any piece of furniture you buy. To ensure this, the right choice of adhesive is crucial. The range of adhesives from Fevicol with its time tested products provide consistent quality and unparalleled bond strength. The Fevicol HI-PER offers high-performance adhesive for premium laminates. This reduces the chances of bubble formation and offers superior water resistance. One must take care of what one has invested in. In case of lightweight decorative bonding, Fevicol A-KWIK is very handy for vertical application. Seasons change and with that our wardrobes change too. Whichever part of the world you are in, with warming temperature, your cotton and light wear occupy middle racks and woollens are pushed up to the higher shelves. But with a walk-in closet, you can display all your attires beautifully all-round the year. Trendy women love to flaunt their jewellery even when they are not wearing them. The trinkets and neckpieces look lovely in a closet with its glass shelves and velvet compartments. Everyday decisions as to what I should wear becomes so simple if all you have is displayed right in front of you. No design idea is good or bad. The space and the choice of the individual are what matters the most. But, do keep in mind that even if you have the most awesome closet space, you have to take care of the same. Don't let your closets become home to termites. Use Terminator from Pidilite in making of your walk-in to protect it from termites and borers. Also, the product is eco-friendly and can be mixed with oil-based paints. The experts at FDI are experienced and trained to offer ideas to you. Go ahead and reach out to the FDI team to get the most appealing plans and designs. It is crucial to keep in mind your nature of job and culture. If your job involves a lot of travelling, you are required to keep all kinds of clothing handy as you never know when your next flight will come up. This requires you to organise your closet space all the time. Your cultural background may demand you to wear traditional finery during family occasions that arise pretty often. So, do not shove aside your ethnic wear too far into the closet. You can do well by hanging them up alongside your dresses. The FDI team will guide you rightly in providing a safe and secure locker in your walk-in closet. Go ahead and enjoy a harmonious work-life balance when you dress out in style. While fashion keeps changing, style is eternal.

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