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Cabinet & Console Design Ideas

Buy the most stylish consoles and cabinets for your kitchen based on the theme of your kitchen. Contact FDI to get unique console cabinet design ideas.

Select the most stylish Cabinet & Console for your kitchen

Are you planning to give a makeover to your kitchen or moving to a new home? In either case, you would be requiring new furniture for your kitchen. When it comes to designing a kitchen, the first step is to finalise its core theme like whether you want an L-shaped kitchen, a parallel one or a straight one. The second step is to make sure that every piece of furniture you buy for your kitchen matches the décor of your kitchen and house. Remember that furniture plays a pivotal role in a kitchen design. The pieces of furniture you should house in your kitchen include cabinets and consoles. A console table or a console cabinet is one of the most significant furniture you would need in your newly revamped kitchen. You would require to invest a lot of time looking at several different console cabinet designs to find the one that suits your kitchen the best. Well, you might want to take assistance from furniture specialists at Fevicol Design Ideas to get new design ideas.

Select top notch kitchen cabinet and console designs

The console and cabinet type depend on kitchen shape

The console and cabinet you select for your kitchen largely depend on the shape of the kitchen you are planning to design. A wide range of consoles and cabinets are made to suit different types of kitchens. You will find various interestingly designed console cabinets built to suit an L-shaped kitchen. There are console tables that are specifically designed for straight kitchens as well. So, no matter what kind of kitchen you are planning to make, you would get a lot of choices in selecting kitchen furniture. But the key here is to select the furniture that matches the style of your kitchen. This is precisely where you would need the guidance of FDI's furniture specialists.

Area of the kitchen is an eminent factor

One of the most influencing factors in choosing suitable furniture for your kitchen is the area of the kitchen. The consoles and cabinets should be chosen based on the place where they will be positioned. Therefore, it is mandatory to go only for those console designs that would properly fit the kitchen. It is also essential to make sure that the kitchen doesn't look too clustered or full. Thus, the size of the cabinets and the shape of the console cabinets could only be finalised after considering the dimensions of the place where these cabinets would be positioned.

The colour and material of the console and cabinet matter

The colour of the console and cabinet makes a difference. The colour should ideally match the shade of the home or the tonality of the kitchen. In other words, it shouldn't be too different from the theme of the whole house. As, if that happens, then the console and cabinet will be misfit in the kitchen. Apart from the colour, the material used to make the console or the cabinet is equally essential. Irrespective of the high-class design of the console cabinet, if the console or the cabinet breaks easily, then it is of no use. Thus, you have to make sure that the material used to make the console and cabinet is of the highest quality. At the same time, you should use Pidilite's excellent products to save the wood from damages due to heat, water or termites.

Cutting-edge kitchen console and cabinet designs

In the present world, everyone tries to make sure that his or home looks the best. Therefore, they try everything possible to enhance the look and feel of the house. And, the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home. Thus, one needs to make sure that they embellish the kitchen in the most appealing manner. Kitchen is where your food is cooked. So, first of all, it should be capable of handling the many activities that happen on a day to day basis inside a kitchen. Also, revamping furniture is a crucial part of decorating the kitchen. Changing of the colour of kitchen furniture, the designs, the style of the console table or console cabinets, all must be decided based on the form of the kitchen. So, the most important thing is to determine the interior design style of the kitchen.

Contemporary designs

Nowadays, contemporary designs are becoming more and more popular. The modern kitchen furniture type is not only apt for present time, but also matches the décor of your home as most of the houses, these days, are designed in a fashionable pattern. And, modern console designs are pretty attractive. So, if you go for a contemporary design for your kitchen, automatically, the furniture that you choose, including the console and cabinet has to be modern as well. A modern kitchen mostly contains a glass backsplash. Also, many times there is this wood shelf too. Along with that, some houses might even position their dining table in or near the kitchen area. You might even find overhanging light furniture or side furniture in the contemporary kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen furniture

Many modern-day kitchens have stainless steel kitchen furniture and many elements and parts of which are made with stainless steel. Some of the everyday items used in kitchen are fitted appliances, automated drawers, unique corner cabinet etc. Stainless steel elements are not only meant to last long, but they are also decent looking. You will also find many stainless-steel consoles and cabinets in the market. You can play around with the design a bit by adding some wooden elements here and there. But, when it comes to taking care of wood furnishings, you should consider using Pidilite's good quality products.

Whitish, elegant kitchen designs, and cabinets and consoles

A white kitchen is best suited for a multitude of home decors. White kitchen designs never go out of style, and they always look fresh and elegant. At the same time, there are several while consoles and cabinets to match the white theme of the kitchen as well. White kitchens and white furniture are splendid. They are one of those type of kitchen designs which immediately become the best part of the house. These days, you will find a host of new and exciting kitchen décor ideas. Most of the kitchen furniture, including the consoles and cabinets, are designed based on the theme of the kitchen. Therefore, there are way too many innovative console and cabinet designs to look for when you are planning to refurbish your kitchen. But, to make a right choice, it is always a great move to take assistance and guidance from the furniture experts.

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