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Wardrobes Design Ideas

Wardrobes are amongst the essential furniture pieces in a bedroom. A great closet should allow you to store and organise your personal belongings according to your convenience. Bedroom wardrobes are a must-have for any household. From clothes to accessories to home linen, wardrobes house our essentials. In today’s cramped homes, it is a necessity to get the wardrobe design right with absolutely no room for wastage of space. At Fevicol Design Ideas, we believe that good things come in large packages; thus, we offer wardrobe design ideas that suit your taste and style, blending different requirements into one such as wardrobe with consoles and bookshelf etc. If the gateway to the magical land of Narnia was through an antique wooden wardrobe, your access to all favorite pieces of clothing and books could too be through a beautiful looking cupboard. Complete your dream wardrobe in deep wood tones and neutral shades via laminate sheets or choose a mirrored style, which opens up the room to create an illusion of more space while a classic two-door suits minimalist decor. Here, from our options right from sliding doors to combination wardrobe designs, you are bound to find a storage space of your choice at FDI.

The Different Types of Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobes are one of the commonly used pieces of furniture items in any household. Considering its usage, one should always ensure that they are easy to operate, have sufficient space, and that they complement the decor of the room. Wardrobes come in various designs, and hence, we have scouted a list of different wardrobe designs below for your ready reference. Sometimes, a wardrobe can be accompanied with an attractive jhoola, or a separate console, or even with detachable bookshelf.

Free Standing Wardrobes

The most common and traditional wardrobe style is the free-standing wardrobe. This type is found in almost every house on account of its movable factor. The only drawback to such wardrobe style is that it consumes more room for operation. They can be crafted out of wood, metal or plastic.

Wall Mounted Wardrobes

With change in time, many are bidding goodbye to the traditional wardrobe designs and opting for wall mounted wardrobes. The main reason for selecting this type of closet is its space-efficient design. As compared to the traditional, standalone wardrobes, they use less space and offer a graceful look to any room. A wall-mounted closet can be huge or small in size. Do not forget to coat your furniture before the installment. You can use a product like Marinekoat from the stable of Pidilite to protect bare wood of your wardrobe from moisture. With just two coats of Marinekoat, you get 100% moisture resistance.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Although old in style, sliding door wardrobe designs are great space savers as the doors do not require additional space to open up. Sliding door wardrobe styles offer extra storage space as they are built from floor to ceiling.

Walk-In Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe is a dream of every person. Walk-in closets add a touch of luxury and are found in homes that have space to spare. This type of wardrobe can accommodate shelves, cabinets, and drawers over an extended area.

Customized Wardrobes

Are you planning for your dream home? Are you confused about which type of wardrobe to choose from? Well, ditch the available styles, and get yourself a customised piece of wardrobe. With the help of a wood contractor, it can be crafted as per your ideas and space requirements with the finish that would suit your decor. Pidilite offers wood finish products such as WudFin Melamine and Showcase Exterior that provide superior finish results and high gloss retention characteristics, perfect for your wardrobe.

Wooden Wardrobes: The Best Pick

Get your clothes organised, fashion accessories and other necessary things stored neatly in one place as you bring home a beautiful wooden wardrobe. Carved from engineered or solid wood, these types of closets are an excellent choice to go with. Since the wood exudes an elegant look, it complements all kinds of décor. Wooden wardrobes come with drawers, mini cabinets or hanging space. While one-door wooden wardrobe designs would be a high pick, the three-door closets provide more storage space. Wooden wardrobes can also be built with additional features such as moisture control or dust resistant PVC banding for heightened durability. Products from Pidilite such as Fevicol Terminator help in enhancing sustainability by protecting against termites and borers.

Types of Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe doors are the most customisable exterior part of a wardrobe. With an array of options available along with colors and finishes, there are a plenty of options in selecting an ideal style of doors. Before even deciding on the wardrobe color and its overall appearance, the foremost step is to choose the door design that best fits the space. Each type of wardrobe design for bedroom has its unique characteristics and can be used in a variety of ways.

Hinge Door Wardrobes

Hinge door wardrobes are the most common door style. They are a standard solution to many cupboards and open directly towards the front. Such styled wardrobe designs are available in both handle and handle-less designs. With a hinge door wardrobe style, the user must have sufficient space for the shutter to open out in the front to successfully access belongings.

Sliding-Folding Door Wardrobes

Sliding-folding wardrobes doors is a type of closet wherein the shutter opens and folds, sliding to one side. These doors may or may not be lockable and are available in a varied list of colors and designs. A sliding-folding door styled wardrobe is suitable if there is enough space to spare for accessing it. This type of furniture can be customised based on the color, style, and finish. While selecting a door style for your wardrobe, ensure it matches the interiors, lifestyle, and taste, along with the rest of the furniture pieces in the bedroom. Each wardrobe door style brings along its style, thus giving you a unique and customisable solution for your home.

Materials Used for Adding Stylish Finishes to Wardrobes

When selecting from different wardrobe designs for bedroom, we are spoilt for choice. Choosing the right type of finish is imperative to ensure that the wardrobe or cupboard matches the overall design theme of your space. Some of the conventional materials that you can use to add style to the surfaces of the closets include:


Veneer is not only the most economical option for coating a wardrobe, but it also replicates the warmth and elegance offered by solid wood. Veneer is produced from thin sheets of natural wood and is available in a variety of designs that enable you to select based on your taste, and style of the room. Use the Pidilite product—Fevicol Hi-Per to adhere veneer to your wardrobe furniture. It is the best water-resistant adhesive for premium laminates, and it opposes bubble formation between the wood and the veneer.


Laminate is famous material as it comes in almost every color, quality, and finish like matte and gloss. While laminated sheets have their advantages like being scratch-resistant and easy to clean, they are brittle and not that durable. Again, here you can make use of Fevicol Hi-Per, a high-performance adhesive for premium laminates.


The advantage of using PVC is that they come in a list of finishes which includes scratch-resistant and semi-gloss finishes. Fevicol Probond from Pidilite is a unique adhesive used exclusively to join PVC sheets.

Polyurethane Paint or Lacquer

Coating the surface of the wardrobe with lacquered or polyurethane paint is another option. These materials come in a large variety of colors and have a glossy look, which offers a dash of style. Plus, they are easy to maintain and suitable for those who do not renovate furniture often.

Glass or Mirrors

Mirrors or glass are especially suitable for coating the surfaces of cabinets and wardrobes in a small room as they reflect light and make the room seem more significant than its actual size. Glass on the closet adds a sense of lightness to the place. Plus, it is available in transparent, opaque, frosted, and stained varieties among others.

Solid Wood

Nothing beats solid wood and the elegance it exudes. It delivers a sense of charm and can suit the theme of any room. While wood is more expensive than other materials, it is extremely durable and requires a dash of polish to look brand new. At Fevicol Design Ideas, we provide a varied list of wardrobe designs for bedrooms. Be it a contemporary or traditional styled room, find wardrobe design ideas that suit every style, taste, and space. Additionally, if you are on the lookout for custom-made wardrobes, choose our verified and professional contractors that transform your thoughts and ideas into reality at an economical rate.

Pidilite Adhesives: Creating Strong Bonds

Each bedroom furniture selected will have a different type of upkeep, and hence, one product won’t suffice for all. To help you maintain the look and quality of your bedroom furniture for years to come, Pidilite offers a list of Fevicol adhesives, sprays, and exterior wood finish products. The products by Pidilite provides superior quality results helps complete furniture work faster and ensures durability. Visit Fevicol Design Ideas today, and get a list of the best adhesives and products that suit your requirements.

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