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Breakfast Table

Are you planning to buy a new breakfast table for your home? Get inspired by the information and expertise of FDI for making unique breakfast table designs for your home. In this article, find the guide to select the best breakfast table, learn about the types of wood used in making a breakfast table, and know about different places where you can place a breakfast table.

Guide to select the best breakfast table

Tables are one of the most common types of furniture pieces. Though many different types of tables are available, not every table can be a fit for you. Hence, a breakfast table design must be chosen on the basis of its intended application. If you want it for study, a study table works, whereas, if you want a table for having your afternoon coffee, a centre table better fulfils your needs. Thus, different types of tables suit different purposes, and it is vital for you to choose the right kind of table as per your requirement. In the same way, when it comes to dining, an adequate dining table serves your needs best. But, for the kitchen, there is this another type of table called breakfast table, which also can be used. As the name suggests, breakfast tables are meant to enjoy a healthy breakfast with your loved ones. Breakfast tables are becoming highly popular making fascinating breakfast table designs widely accessible. In order to select the best breakfast table for your home, you might want to connect with furniture designers and planners at Fevicol Design Ideas.

Difference between Breakfast table and dining table

Most of the time, people relate a breakfast table with a dining table. Again, in many houses, the dining table is where people also have their breakfast as a breakfast table is very much similar to a dining table. But, you might want to go for a table reserved explicitly for breakfasts. If you intend to make for your family a cute little breakfast table, then you’ve got a host of interesting breakfast table designs to choose from. Breakfast tables are a bit smaller than the dining tables. It’s not that you can’t have any other meal at the breakfast table, but it is just that these little tables are perfect for eating morning breakfast. For breakfast tables made using wood, it is important to use wood protection material from Pidilite to ensure the tables’ longevity.

The importance of breakfast tables

Breakfast tables are often referred to as kitchen tables as they are mostly kept in the kitchen. A breakfast table is used on a daily basis by members of the house to eat breakfast, have tea or for a pleasant chit-chat in the kitchen while making some new dish. As mentioned above, because a breakfast table is small in size, it can accommodate only around two people, which is why they are also known as bistro tables. However, there are some bigger breakfast tables as well that can comfortably accommodate around four to six people. Breakfast tables are space saving and hence perfect for smaller families. Some of them are called corner nooks as they fit flawlessly in the corner of the kitchen.

Types of wood used to make breakfast table

Breakfast tables are made using many different kinds of woods. Some of the most common woods used in making breakfast tables and dining tables are:

Red Oak

If you want an elegant and classic table, then go for a table made using Red Oak. The table type is perfect for a traditional décor. Red Oak has a warmer shade, and it adds a special touch wherever it is kept. The tonality of the table would be on the reddish side, or may a bit of white to brown. A table made with red oak wood will add to the appeal of your place. Though, make sure that it matches the décor of your kitchen. You can get in touch with the experts at FDI for getting new breakfast table design ideas.

Pine Wood

You may want to go for a breakfast table which is made using softwood. It is obtained from evergreen trees and is used to make different types of furniture pieces. Pine gives a country-side feel to furniture. The soft, amber shades of pine wood add to the decor of the place where the table is kept. Therefore, if you want to go for something offbeat and straightforward, then buy pine wood or a spruce wood table. You can get many breakfast table ideas to create a pinewood table made specifically for your home.

Hard Maple

Many breakfast tables are made with hard maple wood. The blonde grain of timber makes hard maple a perfect candidate to create contemporary furniture pieces. So, if you want a chic breakfast table, then go for a hard maple made breakfast table. The wood is generally used to create an elegant and modern furniture. And, when it comes to the colour of the wood, it can be something like golden to a golden brown. This is one of the most durable wood, and the table made using this wood would be pretty reliable. Search for cutting-edge breakfast table design ideas to get home a state-of-the-art breakfast table. Also, while you are at it, ensure that you use termite protectors and other wood protection products from Pidilite for increasing the livelihood of your breakfast table.

Places to keep your breakfast table

Now, once you have found your breakfast table ideas and finalised a particular breakfast table design, the next step is to think of the perfect place where you would like to keep the table. Here are some suggestions:


Mostly, breakfast tables are kept in the kitchen. Therefore, if you have enough space in the kitchen, then there is no better place to keep a breakfast table than in your kitchen. Just make sure you are left with free space as you would not like to cook in a messy kitchen that is full of things.

Lawn Area

If you have a garden or a lawn outside your home, don’t hesitate to place the breakfast table there. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your breakfast amidst the greenery? Also, enjoying a cup of coffee in the lawn with sunsets in sight is a nice feeling. So, the garden is one good option to keep the breakfast table.


Bedroom may not be the ideal choice, but there is nothing wrong with keeping a breakfast table in your bedroom. Just give it a thought: if you like eating while getting ready, then you can place your breakfast on the table inside your room. It all depends on you and whatever makes your life easy. Thus, a breakfast table can be a fantastic addition to your home. A dedicated space for the most important meal of the day—breakfast can be all you need to eat well in the morning and take good care of your health. All set to buy a breakfast table for your home? Get in touch with experts at FDI to learn about some of the unique breakfast table designs.

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