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Safety Door Design Ideas

Keeping the house safe is of prime concern for any home dweller. Installing an additional door at the entrance is critical for protection against weather, intruders as well as pests.

Safety Door Options

From a netted door to a metal grill door, it is worth the cost to build an additional entry door to keep your family safe. Following are the four safety door designs for your home:

Wood and grill

For double protection install a solid wood door and an additional metal grill door. The metal grill door can be used as mesh for protection against insects and intruders.

Triple the safety

Row houses and bungalows need additional protection. Hence, such homes are required to have more than one layer of protection. Folding glass doors protected by a layer of sliding grills with wooden shutters on the out extends privacy along with added protection.

Folding glass door with wooden door

When the safety of young children is the primary concern, a wooden entrance door with folding glass doors at the outside is a good option.

Half doors

Half doors are the type wherein the top and bottom sections open separately. The wooden door style can be extensively found in older Indian homes. A modern revamp would be glass on the top half and wood on the bottom. With this arrangement, one can see who is outside without having to open the door.

Entrance Door Inspirations

Whether you live in a multi-storied apartment or a stand-alone bungalow, the main door is essential for security as well as for creating an excellent first impression of your home. While it is crucial for the main door to be sturdy, its aesthetics are important too. With exposure to international designs after the internet, you can see the change in design sensibilities for entrance doors all over the country. Following are some safety door design ideas for you to get inspired:

Bulky Doors

Heavy and intricate wooden doors are prominently found in south India. For homeowners who love traditional doors, a massive wooden door is an ideal choice. The doors are gigantic, look classy and stand out from other doors.

Solid and Classy

You cannot go wrong with an uncomplicated and minimalist design like a solid wooden door. It is equally suitable for both a modern home and a traditional home. You can choose between natural wood finishes of different brown coloured shades, and select the one that accentuates your wall colour. Interesting Accessories Door accessories can add elegance to an otherwise ordinary safety door design idea. Wrought iron adornments for handlebar, knocking, and posting enhances the rustic appeal of the door.

Green Doors

Think of using some green at the entrance? Go for it. Vegetation has a calming effect on its surroundings. While green doors are a fantastic way to decorate the entrance and the door, plants also have a welcoming vibe to them. You can place tall plant holders on either side of your main gate.

The Safest Entry Door Materials

Not only does the front part add to the aesthetic, but it also impacts the overall beauty of your home. Nevertheless, the most vital function of a door is to ensure it is strong enough to withstand natural elements and sturdy enough to keep potential thieves out. Picking an apt material for your entry door ensures home security, smoother operation, minimal upkeep, and durability. Front doors are constructed using many different materials, but here we will be accounting the three most popular types: wood, aluminium and steel.


Wood is the most used material for the construction of doors and an extremely popular choice for its timeless elegance and beauty. Wood is sturdy, bendable, robust, adaptable, and resistant to wear and damage. Again, wooden doors are easily customisable. Concerning security, wood types like teak and oak provide additional protection. Wood is the most popular choice, especially for use in the entrance. Wood adds style to a home’s front. Again, it is soundproof, durable, and provides security & insulation. Woods of different types like plywood, bamboo wood, solid mahogany wood, satinwood, rosewood, mulberry wood, deodar teak wood, and oak wood can be used for your safety door design. Use polishing products like Showcase Exterior from Pidilite for better gloss and gloss retention in your entrance door wood finish.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is an extremely light, highly heat-resistant, highly customisable, and durable material. Also, aluminium doors are easy to install as they can be moulded into any shape. Solid aluminium doors provide enhanced security over their wooden counterparts.

Steel Doors

Steel is another popular choice that can be used in a safety door design idea. Steel is a relatively affordable and energy efficient alternative along with being secure and reliable. For security purposes, steel doors are an outstanding option. Moreover, steel is relatively maintenance-free as compared to wood.

Vinyl Door

A vinyl door can be used to construct a lightweight and robust door. It can be used to make safety door as it provides high security and good insulation.


A new entrant, fibreglass is quickly becoming a popular option for use as a safety door. It is sturdy and provides excellent insulation along with being waterproof and soundproof. It is not affected by natural elements.


If safety is your prime requirement in your safety door idea, nothing beats the strength and toughness of steel. Because of its security features, it is widely used in making of the entrance door.

Safety Door Design Ideas

For setting the tone of any home, the front door is the touch point. The design and furniture used in the front door is the easiest way to revive a tired exterior and give your home facade a stamp of personality. Entrance doors come in different shapes, sizes and designs—they could be hand-carved wooden doors or could also come in various combinations of wood, glass and metal. For their carved door design idea, homeowners prefer timber and stained glass with lots of veneer and gloss. Below are some safety door design ideas to make your safety door look more elegant:

Add Patina and Logic

You can add meaning to your carved front door by thinking of something and pouring that idea into the construction of the door. For example, the skin of the front door can be made out of small copper sheets.

Illuminate the Entrance with a Light

To make the door look beautiful at night, place lights surrounding the entrance door.

Two Doors Are Better Than One

For an amazing entrance, use two doors instead of one to give your facade an entirely different look.

Make it Period Appropriate

Get for your home facade a door that is restored from a fabulous yesteryear design.

Install a Spectacular Door Frame

Make the door frame as the centre of attraction for your carved door.

Play with Asymmetry

The front entrance of your home must compliment with the home's style. You can compliment the door with furniture inside the house.

Go for Grandeur

Make the facade more symmetrical.

Try Nontraditional Door

Make use of pivoting glass panel for your front door construction. Thus, the above safety door ideas, inspirations, and information on materials can help you come up with a brilliant safety door design.

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