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What is one piece of furniture from your childhood that sticks out? Already recollecting memories of that swing you played on? Swing is one of the best inventions, not many would deny that. The motion of the swing gets us into thinking and keeps our minds running.

Swing design for balcony and for living room differs by a bit. You can go through brilliant designs sorted by FDI and choose your jhoola design or get inspired to create your own swing design.

Today, many types of swing designs are available like porch swing design for home and swing design for balcony. Learn more about porch swings here.

Swing Design for Balcony

One of the widely used swing designs for homes is relaxation swing suitable for casual and relaxed swinging. The seating option is great for social situations like swaying on the porch or rocking back and forth while reading a book. Let us explore some porch jhoola designs:

The Modern Porch Swing

A modern porch swing is pretty and can be used either as a porch swing or as a bench.

The Classic Swing

A beautiful porcelain white swing with a traditional design makes for a classic swing. When hung by a decorative white rope, the beautiful classic swing will embellish your porch like nothing else.

The Headboard Swing

Are you an owner of an old headboard that is taking up your space, and you do not know what to do with it? Well, use your old sturdy headboard to make a porch swing. It will look amazing and would catch everyone’s attention.

The Simple Porch Swing

A simple porch swing is a jhoola with a modern flair to it. The swing design here is fundamental with the back being a little lower than other swings giving the swing its variation.

Crib Mattress Porch Swing

The crib mattress porch swing is perfect to place in a living room. It is rustic, beautiful and a great way to use an old crib mattress.

Swing Design Ideas

Swing can be placed at many different places in a home. You can have a hanging bed for that matter or add a hanging hammock chair in your bedroom. Though, a garden is the best place to have a swing, skim through porch swing ideas listed below for more information:

A great way to make a durable and robust porch swing is to hang it from the main structure of your patio as the structural beams are made to hold weight, and can take the extra strain of a swing. Let us explore some more ideas, below: A tire swing is an incredibly easy way to put up a swing. All it takes is a large old tire, a rope, a sturdy branch, and the will to build. A swing with a comfortable seat and a high back suspended from independent support allow you to sit in comfort and spin around. A swing design with large and flat wooden plank hung by two ropes from a branch allows multiple people to sit or lay while swinging. The swing will be as strong as the branch from which it is hung. The style brings a rustic country-style appeal to your porch. Construct a simple modern porch swing with a bench seat. It would turn out to be a fabulous place to sit in the evening. Get a white wicker porch swing that has a comfortable padded seat for your outdoors. A porch swing design with raw wood creates a rustic appeal and looks great in the woods.

Materials used in making swing designs for home

Buying a swing set can be a significant investment. Hence, it is essential to know about the materials used in its construction and their durability. Find about swing set materials here.

The three major materials that are used in making swing sets are wood, plastic and metal. Some materials are superior over others, and hence the materials must be chosen based on required strength and usage.


Wooden swings are generally made from cedar, redwood, or pine. Wood types like plywood, teak wood, Burma teak wood, bamboo wood, solid mahogany wood, satinwood, rosewood, mulberry wood, deodar teak wood, and oak wood can also be used to make swings. Wood offers a natural aesthetic that blends with your outdoors but requires a lot of care. Natural wood is needed to be cleaned or painted from time to time. Also, wooden swing sets must be periodically checked for splinters. Use waterproof adhesives like Fevicol Marine from Pidilite for protection of your swing against rain and water.

Treated Wood

Wood is treated with preservatives and pressure for the material to last longer. The chemicals also keep termites at bay. Also, most of the preservatives used in today’s pressure treated wood contain much lower toxicity.


Swings made using plastic requires the least amount of maintenance, and are durable enough. Vinyl structures are formed using treated wooden parts inserted into thick vinyl posts. Vinyl is considered a premium material for use in jhoola.


Metal jhoolas are the least costly option. Nevertheless, the construction of a metal swing set is made by digging holes in the yard and pouring concrete to anchor it. The metal used in its construction can be powder coated for protection of users from the metal elements.

Gorgeous Jhoola Ideas

No activity is better than kicking back and enjoying your yard in the evening. Out of the countless seating options for an outdoor area, gorgeous jhoolas swings apart.

Swinging on jhoolas is one of the few activities that can take you back in time, to your childhood. Explore some fantastic jhoola design ideas below: The swing with cup holder If you have the craving to have a cup of coffee or sweet tea while swinging, this swing design will do you a big help. The highback swing While some people prefer a lower back porch swing, some prefer a swing that fully supports your body. Also, if you are swinging with your kid, go with this jhoola idea. Freestanding arbour swing In case you have an arbour on your porch, nothing is better than having an arbour swing. It will no doubt be the perfect spot to house a swing. Hanging swing with a frame If you do not have a porch or space on your porch to hang your swing, you can install a porch swing with a frame. The swinging bench The basics of the bench design are what makes this kind of swing unbeatable. If hung from a tree, the swinging bench would look exemplary. It is also highly comfortable to sit on.

Swing design is important as it is one furniture piece, which is unique to other pieces and you can get innovative designing the jhoola. You can get innovative with the type of swing you choose, the type of chain you use, the colour of seating you choose, and you can even make the seating and links artsy.

Thus, you can get a hang of jhoola and swing designs and ideas that are in trend with this write-up. You can get inspired by the above jhoola ideas and get inspired to create your own unique and personalised swing.

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