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Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

Sometimes, you might find it a little tough to find suitable kitchen storage furniture. Take assistance from FDI's experts to get unique kitchen storage designs.

Finding the perfect Kitchen storage furniture

A large part of kitchen décor is dependent and related to kitchen storage design and items. Kitchen's interior decoration process is incomplete without installing apt storage units in kitchen. Nowadays, there are tons of generic as well as unique ways to store things in the kitchen. Thus, you will find a host of new and innovative storage units based on unique kitchen cabinet storage ideas. Few of the most common pieces of furniture used in kitchens to store containers, crockery etc. are cabinets and consoles. In the article, we will mainly focus on kitchen storage designs and also on new and fresh kitchen storage ideas and types.

Impress your guests with artistically decorated kitchen

Most of us concentrate more on decorating and designing our living areas and take designing other rooms of the house like the kitchen for granted. This is generally because we think that guests will be noticing the living space more than any other area. We try to incorporate the most spectacular décor in our living rooms, while we neglect the designing of crockery cabinet, kitchen furniture etc. There are many benefits of decorating a kitchen. We often fail to realise that appealing kitchen designs are the talk of the town. Innovative kitchen storage design ideas and dining room décors will surely catch the fancy of your guests. Therefore, if you want your kitty party members, your office colleagues or your relatives to talk about your kitchen, you may want to design your kitchen with the help of furniture experts. Our excellent team of professionals is just a meeting away to give you unique kitchen storage ideas.

An increased inclination towards modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are not a new concept, and today, more and more modern kitchen types and storage ideas are quickly surfacing. This is because the demand for designer kitchen is higher. People are now more interested in decorating their kitchens. They want to make it one of the best parts of their home. Therefore, in recent times, the interest of people towards modular kitchens have grown immensely. Therefore, people are now looking for newer kitchen types and designs as well as refreshing kitchen cabinet design ideas to makeover their kitchen.

The role of Kitchen storage furniture

Storage units like cabinets, consoles etc. are, without a doubt, few of the top factors that influence the design of kitchen and vice versa. Mostly the kitchen is designed based on the décor of the home, the interest & demand of the owner, and the space available. While planning to create a kitchen, one has to include kitchen storage designs ideas, wall painting ideas, placement of appliances etc. in the strategy. When it comes to choosing the best possible kitchen cabinets or consoles for the kitchen, one has to consider many factors like the type of the kitchen, colour shades, overall feel of the kitchen design etc. But, most importantly, you would have to ensure that you have the right dimensions before going out to buy the correctly sized kitchen storage units.

More about the kitchen storage furniture

Kitchen storage furniture includes everything that is required to store things in the kitchen. Be it a kitchen cabinet which is used to store containers or the crockery or kitchen consoles used to keep kitchen appliances. There are a host of things that fall under the category of kitchen storage furniture. But storage furniture is mostly large cabinets installed to the walls of the kitchen. The kitchen storage furniture forms the basis of kitchen designing. No matter how good your kitchen looks and feels if you don't have the right kitchen storage units that sync with the kitchen design, your kitchen will not look perfect. Therefore, you need to get in touch with the furniture specialists at FDI to get flowing exciting kitchen storage ideas. Then, based on those ideas, you can plan your design and conceive it.

The material used to make Kitchen storage furniture

The most common and heavily used material to make kitchen storage furniture is wood. A large number of kitchen cabinets and consoles are made with wood. There is a wide range of woods, and each type has distinctive qualities. There isn't any single type of wood which is used to make kitchen furniture. Though, there are some wood types which are more preferred than other wood types. There is no doubt about the fact that the wood has to be of the highest quality and should last longer. At the same time, it is your responsibility to take care of your wooden furniture. Many furniture products are made using solutions from Pidilite that help protect wood furniture from any damage. Terminator from Pidilite can protect your furniture from termites, Showcase Exterior can give it a superior gloss, and MarineKoat can give your kitchen furniture protection from water.

Types of woods used to make kitchen storage furniture:

Solid Wood

Most of the kitchen storage units are made using solid wood. It does not just last longer, but it is also pretty sturdy. Various subcategories fall under the solid wood category. Some of the solid wood is received from deciduous trees, while another variety of wood is taken from evergreen plants. Solid wood kitchen consoles and cabinets are not only pretty intense but also quite durable. There are so many designs in the market so that you can choose any based on the design of your kitchen. And, if you want to make the kitchen storage shinier, you can use Fevicol Showcase Exterior.

Cherry Wood

The reddish-toned kitchen cabinets are made using cherry wood. Though, they different from being deep brown to white. The feel of cherry wood furniture is the same. The storage units have a close-grained appearance and a relatively uniform texture. The shine of this kind of wood is pretty good. Cherry wood can be a bit expensive, but it is mostly preferred because of its warm, vibrant colour. Also, it gives a luxurious feel to the kitchen design.


Oak is one of the most used woods to make kitchen storage cabinets. Oak furniture has a unique grain pattern. Also, it is available in different colours. So, you can easily find a reddish as well as pinkish oakwood. You may see some yellow, black or green lines appearing on the cabinets. This is because of the mineral deposits on the wooden furniture. The unique texture of oakwood gives a nice appeal to your storage furniture. Also, the wood is not that commonly used, which can give you distinction from other kitchen storage designs. Listed above are only a few types of woods that can be used to make kitchen storage furniture. Apart from these, many other types of woods can be used to make wooden furniture for your kitchen. Though, it is always recommended to consult FDI's experts before finalising any kitchen design.

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