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FDI helps you select the best headboards for your bedroom. Our furniture experts offer exciting and distinctive headboard design ideas. In this article, know which parameters to consider while choosing headboards online and discover new bed headboard designs.

Selecting the Best Bed headboards

Even though the usage of the word ‘bed’ is used interchangeably with mattress, it is a piece of furniture with an integrated footboard and headboard. The headboard is different; usually, it is a piece of furniture that you buy to work with an existing bed frame. And that, most of the time, is just an ordinary steel rack on wheels or legs. Beds make a strong impact in your room. It cannot be moved around much. On the other hand, a headboard can offer a bit of flexibility, it being lighter. Some headboards are permanently fixed to the wall. The beds need to be pushed underneath it. Others sit on legs, and there are also sizeable rectangular box upholstered ones which sit on the floor. The beds are either fixed or pressed against it. Though there are different kinds of headboards, there is no superior one. It all comes down to your choice and the style of your room.

Parameters to Select the Best Bed Headboards

Shop Smart

A hardwood frame that has high-density foam padding covered back and a robust wear-resistant fabric is always a better place to start. A custom fit slip over can be a bonus for cleaning and effortless style swaps.

Measure Up

It is imperative to measure the height before you buy headboards for your house. If it is too short, stacks of pillow or a tall mattress might obscure it. It is also vital that you check it by sitting on the bed for lean-back comfort.

Install with Ease

Most of the headboards online or in showrooms come with hardware. It attaches to standard bed frames. They can be easily wall-mounted, using interlocking hanging brackets or D-rings.


In case you have pets that can scratch your beautiful upholstered bed headboard, you need to consider your options carefully. In that case, it might be more practical to opt for a metal one instead. The metal ones are even easier to clean. It is challenging to scrub the accumulated dust off the upholstered headboard, though high-quality water-resistant upholstery can make the whole job way more manageable. MarineKoat from Fevicol is used to make your furniture waterproof.


The budget is the most important thing to consider when buying anything at all, and it is not different in the case of purchasing a bed headboard. The experts at FDI are experienced and thoroughly trained to offer you a headboard that is right for your room and bed. You can get in touch with the FDI team to get the most beautiful and comfortable headboard in your bedroom.

Headboard Designs

First and foremost, you need to have an understanding of the material used before you purchase headboards online so that you can narrow down and eliminate ones with poor quality material. Headboards are mainly made with wood, lacquer and fabric. In case of wood, you need to know whether it’s solid wood or veneer because veneer, even though there is nothing wrong with it, chips more readily.
● You need to know if there is a warranty on your headboard or not, and what it covers.
● You need to know whether the stitching is proper or not in case of an upholstered piece or if it is glued together correctly or not. Next is to see if it is protected from termites. Unlike most other adhesives, Fevicol does not cause bubble formation de-bonding, which causes uneven and swollen appearance and detachment from the base.
● A headboard isn’t something that you change on an annual basis, just like any other piece of furniture. So it is crucial that you are sure of your purchase. It should be well made, reasonably priced, durable and sturdy. Always check for scratches, deep cracks and bent hardware.
● A headboard has a significant impact on the style of your space and can change and redefine the mood of your room. Here is a list of the common materials that are used in headboards, along with installation and sizing guides to help you select the best headboard.



Leather, velvet, spanning linen and many more; an upholstered headboard offers padding that makes them way more pleasant to lean on. The upholstery may be simple, unadorned and minimalistic or finished with exceptional detailing. Welting, button tufting and nailhead trim are the standard finishing touches.


Anything wooden is traditional, and it opens a vast field for creativity. It may be painted, stained and decorated with contemporary or classic lines. The glue used is Fevicol, and that helps with high-quality polish. Some metal boards may also feature some wooden elements.


It is made by a sequence of metal rods and hence offers many different designs as a substitute for a drab, solid backdrop. Some of the finishes available are brass, brushed steel and wrought iron. These are durable materials, and they also have the ones incorporated with the wood element.

Rattan, Wicker or Natural Fibres

These are woven headboards which evoke a sense of pure beauty in your home, especially against the backdrop of a coastal view or countryside. These are light designs and the best adhesive to use in making these designs is Fevicol as it is ideal for lightweight, delicate bonds and even can be worked upon quickly. They borrow popular designs and patterns from some other materials like wingback and panel.

Sizing and Installation

There are mainly three standard installation courses for bed headboards:
● Wall mounted: This can work with all sorts of bed frames but needs a flat surface to be drilled into.
● Bed-frame mounted: You need to check our frame to ensure that there are compatible brackets. Ones installed, it creates a stand-alone bed.
● Freestanding: It can usually be comfortably furnished, be it on the mounting, on the bed-frame, or the wall, though it comes without pre-drilled holes or hardware. Selecting a headboard can be a daunting experience, but it can be made easier if you keep certain things in mind. To begin with, you need to think about your sense of aesthetics and also how you plan to use your bed. Maybe if you are an avid night time reader, you might want a softer, padded or quilted headboard to make your experience more comfortable. Or perhaps a headboard which features integrated tables or storage spaces built in it is more convenient for your use. You might even want a low headboard, which has a slim profile which makes the entire look more minimalistic. On the other hand, you might want to make a bold statement with a wooden headboard that has vibrant patterns. It all comes down to knowing what you require.

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