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Shoe Racks

Swing, front door or the bookshelf in the living room is always a centre of attraction for many of us. However, most of the times we forget to think about the shoe rack. FDI helps you find the best shoe racks for your home. Our furniture designing experts offer interesting shoe rack design ideas. In this article, learn about the importance of shoe racks, its types, and discover how to select the best shoe rack.

Organise your footwear in a shoe rack

Shoes, sandals, slippers and other types of footwear of all family members collectively take up a lot of space at the entrance of the living room. If footwear is not organised correctly, then the entrance of the house looks clustered. What more? It also hampers the tidiness of the living room. Therefore, it is vital to keep the footwear organised, and for that, we use the important furniture—shoe rack. Shoe cabinets are the best storage solution to make sure your footwear stay organised. They not only save up space but also make the footwears easily accessible. Also, as shoes are kept in racks, they are safe from any external damage. Many shoe rack designs and shoe cabinet types are present in the market. So, it might be difficult to zero in one good shoe rack design. You would want a design that not only meets your requirements but also suits the style of your room. You can contact the Fevicol Design Ideas team to help you select the best shoe rack design. The experienced and trained professionals from FDI have a good understanding of shoe rack designs, and they can offer you unique and interesting shoe rack ideas that are personalised to your home, particularly suiting other décor such as swing, bookshelf, front door, or the interior colour of your living room.

The importance of organising shoes in a rack

Aren't you sick of chaotic and messy entryways or bedrooms with shoes here and there? Won't you like to keep your entryways, living room, and bedroom in your house clutter-free? If yes, then all you have to do is find a perfect shoe organiser or a proper storage solution for your home. A shoe rack not only helps you get rid of your mess but also adds to the style of your room as the rack syncs with the décor of the room. Shoe racks are made using a variety of different material as well. So, you have many shoe storage options available for selection. Shoe racks come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. The market is flooded with different shoe rack designs. Some of the shoe racks are made using wood, while others are made using a certain kind of fabric. Therefore, it is vital to first know about different types of racks. You can find plenty of exciting shoe rack options and shoe storage ideas online.

Different types of shoe racks

Shoe cabinets

Shoe cabinets are one of the most popular types of shoe storage options. Cabinets are generally rightfully sized making it easy to store plenty of footwear. Shoes are kept either in steps or in different sections of the cabinet, positioned one above another. Shoe cabinets are nothing but a narrow chest of drawers that save up a lot of space. The only difference between shoe organisers and shoe racks is that shoe organisers come with cabinet doors. Also, most of the shoe rack design ideas include shelves, perfect for keeping the shoes organised and safe. There are a host of shoe cabinets in the market, and you can find one that syncs with the theme of your room. If you want to go for a wooden shoe cabinet, then it is recommended to buy Pidilite's products that will help you boost the longevity of your wooden furniture. Most of the shoe rack design ideas include storage features, wherein the cabinets can be used to store more footwear in an orderly fashion.

Tilt-out (pull-down) shoe rack

Tilt-out (pull-down) shoe rack is a fancy shoe rack that saves a lot of space. You can store a large volume of shoes in such racks. Such cabinets help to keep the shoes off the ground. These racks are designed in such a way that they are capable of storing a lot of shoes. But, at the same time, these cabinets are a bit sleeker than generic shoe racks. If you want to fit in this rack in a narrow hallway, then you should surely go for these tilt-out shoe cabinets. To find out the best shoe racks for your home, get interesting shoe rack design ideas from experts at FDI.

Shoe benches

Shoe benches are mostly kept in the hallways or entryways and are quite handy. These cabinets can be positioned easily in the entryways for the housemates to easily keep their shoes in the rack as they enter the home. So, whether you are going to work, or to walk your dog, you can comfortably wear appropriate shoes near the entrance door as you head outdoors. Most of the shoe bench designs also allow you to sit on them to tie laces. Moreover, shoe benches are easy to assemble and don't take a lot of space. If you want to get unique shoe rack ideas, contact FDI's furniture experts.

Over-door shoe cabinet

Over-door shoe racks are one of the coolest types of shoe cabinets. They are designed in such a way that they save floor space. So, if you want to organise your shoes but don't want the shoe rack to take a lot of space, then it is suggested you go for an over-door shoe cabinet. Such racks hang either over bedroom doors or over a closet. They contain several slots to tuck your shoes in them. Some of the cabinets even include knobs to hang shoes. These shoe cabinets are unique.

How to select a perfect shoe rack

To find out the best shoe rack for you, first of all, you are required to assess your needs. You will have to guess the approximate number of shoes you want to keep in the rack. Based on that, you can choose a correctly sized frame. Also, as there are so many variants of shoe cabinets, it is essential to figure out a type of rack that will suit your needs. Apart from that, it is vital to decide where you would like to keep the rack. For example, if you want to place the frame near the entryway, then you should go for a shoe bench. In case you want to keep the rack in the bedroom, you can choose to go for an over-door type of a rack. It's better to get in touch with the furniture experts at Fevicol Design Ideas to create shoe racks with innovative shoe storage ideas. Finding the best furniture for your home is not always easy. Nothing is better than getting in touch with furniture designing experts to devise personalised furniture designing plans for your home. At the same time, it is essential to maintain the quality of wooden furniture and make the furniture piece durable with Pidilite's premium furnishing products.

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