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A Guide To Buying The Perfect Study Table

Study table makes for an important part of our room décor because of both, its utility and aesthetic appeal. A study table design adds to the interior charm of a room with its unique design and functionality. However, there are a variety of aspects we need to understand before purchasing a study table. Sometimes, the space is not well enough to arrange multiple furniture items, where bedside table, dressing table, center table etc. can be merged with the study table designs. Whether it is the creation, the design or the material, one needs to follow them all to pick the perfect study desk that fits one’s requirements.

Things to consider before making the purchase:

A study table serves both the purposes of being utility furniture such as bedside table, dressing table, center table and a decorative item. Therefore, the selection of a study table needs careful consideration of various factors that constitute functionality, room décor, size etc.

Size Matters

According to the size of the room and the space available, one can decide the size of a study table that can be installed in the room. For a small room, a small table or a corner table fits perfectly to save on space. Even wall-mounted study table designs are ideal for such rooms.


It is essential to understand the required height of a table you are looking for. Study table designs come with different table shapes, sizes, and heights. You want to choose the height appropriate for you. It also has to complement the room décor.


Before you decide on any study table design, ensure if storage is one of your concerns. If you have a lot of materials that need safe storage in your study table, pick one with more drawers and shelves. Many study table design ideas have open compartments to display books and other decorative crafts. For a light-weight and decorative bonding on furniture, use a product such as Fevicol A-Kwik from the stable of Pidilite, which delivers superfast bonding results for lightweight decorations. It can also be used for vertical applications, and hence is suitable for use in craeting a study desk.


If you are looking for a study table for your child, choose the one with child-friendly design, such as no pointed and sharp edges. Ensure it is also not made of toxic materials.


If you tend to move your furniture around, it is recommended for you to choose a study table design that can be quickly moved around. It’s not just study table. Sometimes, it can be used as side table, dressing table, or even a center table of your living room, when suddenly any guests come. You can look for a lightweight study table or the one with wheels.

Types of Study Tables:

A study table creates a vast space of functionality and acts as decorative furniture at home and a functional one at the office. A variety of study table designs are available that suit any particular room décor or serve any specific purpose. The study table design ideas range from contemporary to minimalist to utility-rich. After considering and analysing all the factors for which you need a study table, you can pick one of your choices from the wide range of study table designs.

Writing Table

A writing table has a minimalist study table design with minimal storage space. It fits perfectly against a wall and suits better with a laptop than with a desktop. With its conservative and open style, it works elegantly in any space, at home or work. The simple design of this study table reflects a sophisticated vibe with a sleek look that accentuates the décor of your reading room. Apart from its simplistic traditional study table design, writing tables are also available in modish and contemporary designs. You would want to protect a wall-facing furniture like study table from moisture; use waterproof product like Marinekoat from the house of Pidilite to protect your study table from moisture.

Executive Table

An executive desk has a sturdy study design with multiple functionalities. Its massiveness comes with an elegant and utility-rich design that reflects a vibrant look that stands firm and stable in your room. Out of all the study table design ideas, this one comes with loads of storage drawers, a massive footprint, and elegantly carved designs. On top of these features, it has a spacious surface area that gives you ample options of utilisation. All in all, an executive table imparts a great sense of grandeur and a timeless appeal.

Credenza Table

Designed with the idea that is a fusion of fashion and utility, a credenza table is a stylish piece of furniture for any room. It is a combination of a study table and a cupboard. With multiple shelves, such study table design offers great space for storage and decoration. The sleek and stylish look fits right with any contemporary room décor that has less space for multiple furniture items. Again, you can impart a superior level of gloss to your study table along with giving scratch, water, stain, and heat resistance with the use of a product like Showcase Exterior from Pidilite.

Corner Table

When you have space constraints for installation of a study table, a corner study table design is a convenient solution. In such compact iteration, a corner table satisfies your requirement for a piece of furniture. With minimal configuration, it comes with drawers for extra storage space. Another benefit of a corner table is that the walls provide extra utility space.

Wall-Mounted Table

The wall-mounted table is one of the most advanced and stylish study table design ideas that serve a great purpose of décor without occupying any floor space. This free table needs to be mounted on the wall of any room. The shelves and its surface area provide the right amount of space you need in a small area.

Standing Table

The standing table is a solution to the health discussion that arises due to being fixed to one sitting position. It has a sleek look with adjustable utility. This study table design comes in three main types:
- An accessory to mount on your regular table for you to work standing up.
- An entire desk which can be adjusted as per your height requirement.
- A stand-up desk at an elevated position.

Materials of your Choice

Study table design ideas are hugely dependent on the materials that are used in its creation, for it offers the right look and utility. Depending on the material, a study table exhibits its sturdiness and stylish make. The material determines how a study table feels and looks when in use. There is a variety of materials used in the construction. You can pick the one as per your requirement.


Wood gives a very traditional and warm feel to a study table. Some study table designs have a metal frame with a wooden top, creating a sharp look with a soft tone. Protect your study table from termites with the help of Fevicol Terminator, which is eco-friendly and offers complete termite protection for all kinds of wood.


Study tables with glass surfaces offer a modern and sleek look that accentuates the contemporary room décor. Having a glass surface expands the visual space and lightens up the area. Many study table designs have wooden frames with glass surfaces, adding an elegant charm to the furniture.


Metal study tables have a sturdy look with an ultimate utilitarian design. It maintains a fresh feel on touch and prevents stains and scuffs. Constructed with metal, study tables can have both traditional and modern look.


Most wooden study tables have laminated surfaces as a protective material. Usually done with plastic, the coating makes the table stain and warp resistant. With the information mentioned above, it is quite easy to make the right purchase of a study table. It not only helps in gaining knowledge but also assists in making a right choice that you won’t regret later. The study table that you choose will have the right requirements and will be made of the material or a combination of elements you want. Knowing the availability of different types of study table designs provides a wide range of option to choose from.

How does Pidilite Help?

A study desk or study table can be crafted from a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal to glass. Each study table has its own functional and aesthetic benefits. Again, study tables constructed from wood come in various styles, and their built quality is also excellent that lasts long. Thus, to maintain this quality for years to come, Pidilite offers a list of superior quality adhesives that can be used during the construction of study tables, wardrobes, beds, sofas, and so on. For areas of application such as plywood to laminate, plywood to veneer, or any wood to wood bonding, FEVICOL SH strongly binds it together and makes the furniture heat resistant. From adhesives to sealants and waterproofing solutions, Pidilite offers diverse products. It is a trusted household and industrial name and is a market leader in adhesives.

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