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Wooden Doors Design Ideas

Doors are probably the most essential furniture in a house. They help maintain privacy and also keep us safe. FDI enables you to select the best wooden door designs for your home. The furniture experts and executives are well informed about the kind of doors you need and can guide you through great wooden door ideas. In this article, you will understand which areas you need to emphasise on and keep in mind while selecting a wooden front door and get to know more about wooden front door designs.

Why wood?

With recent developments, newer materials are coming up, and well-designed plastic and polymers are just a few of them. But none of these can replace a wooden door. Wooden doors have been a great choice and a durable option for ages. A solid good quality hardwood door has its beauty and not just that; it enhances the structure and style of your house. You might not know much about the types of woods. Just selecting a wooden front door is not enough. There are various wood types available for choice and there are many other things one need to keep in mind while opting for wooden door design. Use solutions from Pidilite like Wudfin Melamine for high gloss polish and Marinekoat for protection of your woodden door against water.

Types of wooden doors:

Wooden doors are mostly used in households and can be classified into three types depending on their placement in the house. They are: Solid wood doors: Made out of a solid slab of wood, these are the most expensive, yet most durable doors of all. The wood is either extracted from trees like pine, oak or maple. Mostly, the main doors are made using solid wood doors. They are dependable, have soundproofing abilities and are fire resistant as well. The only problem with solid wood doors, apart from their cost is that they change shape due to humidity. They expand or contract when coming in contact with water and moisture in rainy seasons. When doors expand due to coming in contact with rainwater, they might be hard to close and create handling problems. Hence, it is better to avoid such issues. If you form shade in front of your entrance, many effects of rain can be curbed. In this way, handling a solid hardwood door would become more comfortable. Hollow core doors: As the name suggests, this type of doors do not have solid slabs of wood used; they are honeycomb cover cardboard upon which a thin layer of high-quality wood is put. These types of doors are usually utilised for doors inside the houses. These doors are very affordable and do not cause any considerable change when coming in contact with water, unlike hardwood doors. But they are not fire resistant and can not block sound very well. These doors are not that heavy, and thus, even if you plan to install the door yourself, it won’t be a problem. Even though whole solid slabs are not used in constructing these, they are reliable. Solid core doors: These are a mixture of both hollow and solid wood doors. Solid core doors have better features, and they are pocket-friendly. The core is usually made up of maisonette, and on it, a thin layer of fine grade surface wood is glued. These doors can be used for both external and internal purposes. The solid core doors can block sound and are resistant to volume changes like expansion when they come in contact with water. But with this kind of doors, the style quotient is a bit low as there are limited design options. Still, solid core doors are a popular choice nowadays, and people are opting them for their durability. Even when they do not give a guarantee of safety and longevity like a solid wooden door, they are quite reliable and also come at a reasonable price. Now that you know about the different types of doors that can be used to make wooden doors, you must be wondering about things you need to consider when it comes to selecting the door. Well yes, there are a few things that you should keep a check on.

Factors to look out for, while choosing a wooden door:

Vulnerability and direction: Decide on the direction in which the door is going to open and figure out how much it might be vulnerable to humidity or heat. Our consultants can help decide wooden door ideas and considerations for you based on the conditions. We aim to provide you with doors which need almost zero maintenance and offer high durability. If you are confused, you can ask FDI specialists for advice on the direction of the door, among other things for creating a wooden front door. Longevity: Aesthetics is essential when it comes to getting a perfect front door, but do not compromise on the materials. Get build doors with durable materials. Especially for exterior doors, use the best materials as they are a guarantee of your safety. Hence, go for secure hardwood doors, which are also resistant to the harsh conditions of the weather. Our FDI professionals can help you find the perfect door having exceptional longevity. Design: It is your house. You must have had some thoughts on how you want it to look like, do not compromise on that. Often we have heard from people that they could not get the look they wanted for their houses as the designer could not understand what they wanted. That will never be a problem with FDI as here we give prime importance to our customers. Make sure you tell our executives what exactly you want. Whether it is an elegant design or a look you have seen somewhere that you want for your doors, we will get it done. Quality: As mentioned above, the durability and longevity of the door depend on the materials used to make it. Exterior doors have to have good quality. Interior doors still can have mixed materials like hollow wood but do not risk getting the same in the case of your front door or doors facing the exterior of the house. Budget: Any furniture setting must have a preconceived budget. If it’s new construction where you are considering getting doors, make sure you do proper budgeting of the doors. Just getting a door is not enough. There will be an additional cost of latches for door knobs and even the cost of labour to set up the doors. Again, in some cases, you can set doors by yourself. Use lighter doors in case of such DIY projects. These were a few factors that you can keep in mind while getting a wooden door. Doors are an essential part of a household. If you are clueless about how to go about getting one, do not worry, FDI officials are always there to help you. We suggest you the best and unique ideas to make your house look the prettiest. Our massive range of products from Pidilite makes it even better, and our assurance on quality and durability is always on point.

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