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Dressing Table Design Ideas

Dressing tables are pieces of furniture that play the role of accent pieces, which add sophistication and glamour to your home. Dressing table designing is a fun activity wrapped with luxury and style. FDI furniture experts can help you choose the best design suitable for your bedroom from many different styles, allowing you to use it as study table, side table, or even center table as per your convenience. . Unique and exciting designing is our prized asset. You will get several designs showcased on the website of Fevicol Design Ideas, and you might find the one design that is entirely similar to your expectations. Our range of designs are created in a trendy and stylish manner and are in high demand in the market. Here are a few tips and ideas that might help you choose a dressing table that elegantly fits your bedroom interior, and that also serves the utility part with equal excellence.

Pick a style that reflects your personality

You can use a table lamp near your dressing table. The soft and warm glow of light highlights the dressing area and stand itself. The combination of a large mirror, storage cabinet and a small table gives the whole arrangement a unique look. You can keep your accessories in trays or boxes instead of drawers. Ornamental patterns add a glamorous and bohemian touch to your dressing table. FDI designers specialise in featuring this aristocracy with expertise. Use adhesives from Fevicol which are heatproof, water resistance and does not form bubbles to laminate your furniture.

A proper dressing needs proper lighting arrangements

Modern dressing table designs by our professional designers handle this feature with perfection and experience. Sometimes they use wall-mounted sconces on the side-wall just behind the mirror. Another contemporary idea is to line the mirror around the edges with fairy lights. Much more lighting concepts are available which you can choose consulting the experts in Fevicol Design Ideas. You can add glamour to your furniture by using High Gloss Wood Finishing product from Fevicol.

Material to use

Nowadays, different kinds of materials are used for making furniture. Along with heavy-weight wooden furniture, plywood is considered the most durable and apt material for constructing all furniture, and dressing tables are no exception. You can choose a piece made out of highest grade (marine) plywood, which is brownish black. Always make sure to buy from trusted sources like an authorised dealer or a production merchant, as fake materials are prevalent in the market. Dressing table ideas from the designers in FDI can stand the test of time and also exhibit all the features of an intricate artefact. Buy material that suits your needs and goes with a finish that matches the rest of the furniture in the room. It is advisable to go through all the materials and understand your needs and necessities. For a kid's room, you may opt for a plastic dressing room with fancy colours and designs. For a more traditional look, choose a mahogany finish and contemporary style. Use Fevicol Marine to make your dressing table waterproof.

How to choose a dressing table

Choose a solid dressing table. You can select from dressing table designs available online. You can go to the FDI website and choose one model from there. You will be surprised at how our designers have balanced beauty, protective properties and cost beneficial factors accurately in one piece of furniture. You can even go through the customer reviews available on the site. Conduct some research about dressing table ideas online on different websites and then choose your favourite one. Designs that use Fevicol products can offer you top-notch protection. Terminator is a solution from Pidilite, which is an ultimate termite protector for all kinds of wooden furniture, including dressing tables. It is also eco-friendly.

The mirror is the most important part

Dressing tables are incomplete without a mirror. A clear image of your appearance is something your dressing table mirror should display. Different size and design of mirrors are in the market, but whatever may be the shape, size or design, choose the one having best-reflecting quality. FDI takes care of this aspect too. Different quality mirrors are available, therefore, select your mirror after going through all the specifications available on the site.

Locks and fixtures

Check the fixtures and bolts of your dressing table before purchasing. The drawers and small cupboards attached to your dressing table are meant for keeping valuables. So be extra careful in checking the lock system while purchasing. Duplicate keys are essential as if you lose one key, you can use another one instead of breaking the lock. Therefore, be sure to scrutinise the fixtures and the locks. This is especially important if you have kids. Locking you drawers can save a great deal of effort. If you need a lot of storage space, choose the dressing table design with large drawers and lockers or the ones with shelves.

Stay within your budget

While buying anything big or small, always remember to stay within your budget. Plan out your budget before taking a decision. Go through all the dressing table ideas and choose the one that reflects your taste and is easy on your pocket. Sometimes, the need of study table, bedside table, and the center table can be blended into a single dressing table. FDI can help you take the right decision. Keeping your budget in mind is essential when you are investing. A wide range of dressing tables is available online from which you can browse and choose the one you like the best.


The proportion of mirror to dressing table is essential. Also, the whole dressing table should be in balance with the size of the room it is to be installed in. Jot down the dimensions of your room and the place allocated for the placement of the dressing table. This will help you choose the dressing table that fits perfectly and completes the look of the room. The height of the table should be appropriate, and the table should not look out of place. Using the dressing table as study table or bedside table is easy, but using as a center table needs it to be with detachment provision.


The design of the table is one of the most important things you should notice while buying. The style that you opt for should reflect your taste as well as look compatible with the rest of the décor of the room. Consider the size of the mirror, number of lockers and the design before you purchase your dressing table. The colour and material of the table also add to the look. You can use Wudfin Melamine to achieve melamine wood finish in your furniture. Also, use FDI's product Showcase Exterior to get a high gloss wood finish on your dressing table. It also resists heat, stain, water, and scratch. To make your dressing table waterproof, use Marinekoat from Fevicol. Choosing any piece of furniture for your home can be a little tricky. Make sure that the furniture is easy to install and move around, when necessary. The dressing table is essential to a woman; it should satisfy all her beauty needs and store her makeup safely. Be careful to balance utility and style. Use FDI products to enhance the durability of your dressing table. Protection from termites and moisture and high gloss beautifications are the other attributes that can be achieved by using FDI products. Choose sophisticated and minimalistic dressing table design ideas that suit your needs. Take your time and carefully go over the aspects that you think are important. A modern dressing table made with consideration can add charm to your bedroom.

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