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Sofa Come Bed

A comfortable and aesthetically appealing sofa cum bed is the heart of any bedroom or living room; thus, it is essential to have the right type of sofa bed that suits the overall décor of your home. Sofa cum beds do form an integral part of the furniture in any living room. They have a sublime appeal and add a dash of elegance and style to your living room while also offering the comfort required for you and your visitors. If you want your sofa bed finishes to last longer, use a product, which makes wood finishes highly durable. Wudfin Melamine from the stable of Pidilite is one such product which protects your wood finishes with its tough melamine film against daily wear and tear. It also safeguards your wooden sofa cum bed from scratch, water, heat, & stains and provides superior gloss with gloss retention. A sofa cum bed is the best alternative even when you need a steel or metal sofa. It will be sufficient to accommodate extra members or guests who come over to stay. For such reasons, this space-efficient furniture becomes the right option for your living room setting. From stylish and relaxing sofa cum beds to the ones with upholstery, Fevicol Design Ideas offer a great selection of sofa cum bed designs that suit every home décor. Sofa cum beds are of different types such as two or three seaters, wooden sofa cum bed sets, futon sofa beds, sectional sofa and seating, and more. Not only do we offer the most trending sofa cum bed design ideas but also take all the measures to make the designs chosen by you, a reality. Quality, value for money, and style; unless a sofa cum bed doesn’t meet these requirements, it surely won’t be offered by us. Find your ideal sofa cum bed set design here.

Reasons Why Investing in a Sofa Cum Bed is a Good Idea

Panicking about where your guests are going to sleep when they visit? Well, making sleeping arrangements for guests can be a lot easier if you add a sofa cum bed to your living room . If the guest room doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a full-sized bed, then a sofa cum bed is the perfect pick. Here are some of the reasons as to why investing in a sofa cum bed is a good idea.

Space-Saving Design

A sofa cum bed can be a suitable replacement for a regular sofa or additional seating. Plus, if you have less space to spare, a sofa cum bunk bed is the right-pick! Single-seater sofa cum beds can also double up as a lounge chair, which can be a blessing for binge-watching your favourite series.


A sofa cum bed can be used as a simple sofa when there are no guests around. When you have guests over, transform it into the bed form to enjoy a refreshing sleep.

Economical in Budget

Investing in a sofa cum bed is an excellent idea as it not only serves the purpose of acting as a comfortable sleeping bed but also plays the role of a couch. Thus, you don’t spend much on an extra item of furniture you don’t require.


Sofa cum beds can add a chic or classic touch – depending on your style and taste. The furniture pieces come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Thus, you have the option of picking out the one that complements your home, the best.

Types of Sofa cum Bed Designs

At Fevicol Design Ideas, we have an extensive list of sofa cum bed designs in different colors, materials, and mechanisms. Some of the sofa cum beds look and feel precisely as normal couches while providing the needed dual functionality. Sofa cum beds not only transform into beds but also offer storage beneath, thus being extremely space-efficient. To help you pick out the perfect sofa cum bed design, here is a list of the best sofa bed styles available:

Sectional Sofa Beds

Sectional sofa cum bed designs come in the softest, most comfortable and highest quality fabrics with or without storage facility. Sectional sofa beds with storage help tuck away bed linen when not in use. You can even pull it out for an afternoon siesta

Upholstered Fabric Sofa Beds

Sofa cum beds can be crafted from various materials such as wood or metal. However, wood is the standard choice for most individuals. The elegance of wood with its wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns makes it an excellent choice. Plus, any wooden piece of furniture gels well with varied room décor styles. Termites many a time deter wooden furniture, and it is possible after three to four years for your sofa cum bed to collapse due to termites. Hence, if you plan on using wood as your primary material when crafting a sofa cum bed, a product like Fevicol Terminator can be useful in keeping termites and borers at bay, and ensure long-lasting durability and sturdiness of the wood. Moreover, Terminator is an eco-friendly herbal product with no toxic material, no foul smell, and it even does not stain your furniture after drying.

Futon Sofa cum Beds

If you require something with absolutely no fuss but coolness intact, then the futon sofa cum bed is your go-to design. Transforming effortlessly into a single bed, this type of sofa beds are perfect for an afternoon nap and make an excellent choice for smaller rooms. Plan on buying a sofa cum bed or creating a custom-designed piece? Here’s a list of points to consider before you make your decision:
- One of the first things someone looks for when purchasing or creating a customised piece of furniture is the arm style. The basic sofa cum bed arm style includes the traditional English style, the roll arm, and the straight or square arm.
- Another option is opting for no arms at all. A solid, comfy seat and a tight back construction work well with this style as all the cushions are attached, and don’t need to be attached after every use.
- While solid colors make decoration simple, patterned sofas don’t show wear quickly. The most durable material is leather, which wears in, not out. Fabric, on the other hand, will become worn out, no matter how good the quality is.
- The other essential part of the sofa is the frame, which should always be crafted from kiln-dried hardwood such as maple, oak, beach or poplar. Also, do not forget to employ termite protection solution like Terminator from the house of Pidilite.
- Cushions are what makes a sofa comfy. The least costly option is high-resilience foam, which contracts during use and comes back to its original shape. For real luxury, a goose-down filling is the best option. Moreover, a right blend of comfort and budget is an inner core of foam topped with cotton batting enclosed by a cover filled with goose down. Depending on why you require your sofa bed, choose from the varied list of sofa cum bed designs to do up your home. At Fevicol Design Ideas, we not only offer an extensive list of sofa bed designs that match different home interiors but also show ways to turn those ideas into reality with the help of able contractors and proper materials. Plus, if you plan on creating a custom-made piece, then we have a solution for that too! Choose from our verified, professional list of contractors that craft wooden furniture keeping your vision and ideas in mind. And to ensure, your wooden furniture stays durable for years to come, choose from a list of useful Pidilite’s products that deliver excellent adhesive results.

Choose different Pidilite Adhesives for Durability and a Premium Look

Sofas are crafted out of different types of wood, with hardwood being one of the most common choices. When it comes to maintaining such furniture pieces, finding the right material to ensure its durability and quality is essential. Thus, to help you keep your furniture quality intact, and prevent wear and tear, Pidilite offers best in class adhesives and wood finish products. To ensure an accentuated gloss finish without any stains on the surface, you can also use FEVICOL SHOWCASE EXTERIOR that helps you apply a superior level of gloss along with being scratch, water, stain, and heat resistant. Apart from these, there are multiple products offered by Pidilite that help ensure your wooden furniture stays high on quality and brilliant in appearance. Get a better understanding of the different adhesives and coatings provided by Pidilite by visiting Fevicol Design Ideas.

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