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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchens are an essential part of every household. Newer trends in kitchen layout designs keep coming. FDI helps you choose the best kitchen island design and best kitchen furniture. Our specialised personnel offer amazing and new kitchen island design ideas that will come in handy when you go out shopping for kitchen decor. This article will help you or rather be a guide for you so that your process of choosing kitchen island designs is an easier one.

What is an Island kitchen?

A lot of you might not be acquainted with what an island kitchen is. So, traditionally, kitchens had an oven, a kitchen top, maybe some cabinets, but that’s not just about it. A kitchen island is a piece of furniture which is more like a cabinet, placed in the kitchen as an addition to the countertops. They are known to be functional, and they increase the efficiency of a kitchen. It is a contemporary idea, but a lot of people today consider having kitchen islands in their kitchens. One needs to keep a few things in mind while looking for kitchen islands. How you want it to be customised and what purpose will it serve for you are things that you need to ponder beforehand.

Here are a few kitchen island design considerations for you:

Having more space along the counter: A small counter can be hard to work on. The larger the area, the easier it will be for one to prepare food or even work in numbers. Increasing the counter space is a great idea. A big countertop can work as a space for eating as well. If your kitchen has a particular colour scheme and theme, then get a countertop that contrasts with the rest of the room. Try using white quartz, even stained wood in colours black or something darker will look good. More space for sitting: Getting a dining table and chairs will cost you a lot more. Just stick to a kitchen island, this way even if your kitchen lacks a dining table you have enough space to eat around. Kitchen Island gives off a more casual and bar like seating arrangement. Add whatever number of chairs you need, and you are good to go. If suddenly additional guests pop up, do not worry, and add a few stools around the island. When you are creating these islands, remember to leave some space so that seats and chairs can be placed under them. This makes the area look more organised. Adding appliances: To make the kitchen island look a bit more natural and functional, add appliances to it. Things like cooktops, ovens, even sinks will be a great option for decorating your kitchen island. Make sure that proper plumbing and chimney or air vents are created. Add in more storage spaces: Kitchen clutter looks terrible; it is always a pleasant sight to have clean organised kitchens. The best way to avoid confusion is to add more cabinets. The more storage you get, the easier it gets to organise things. You can also add shelves and put things on display. Maybe hang in your expensive glasses and show off some wine bottles. This will give the kitchen a new and different look. This is one of the classiest kitchen island designs and ideas claimed by interior designers. Utilising all the space: A kitchen island is usually freestanding furniture that has a lot of space above the island. Do not leave this suspended space above the islands. Install chimneys or some beautiful lighting or create a space for hanging some kitchenware. Anything of this sort will help to make the overall look of the kitchen elegant. Add multiple levels: The height of the kitchen island is an important thing. Make sure you get an average height fixed in your mind for your kitchen island. Making it too low can create difficulties for you to work correctly. Multiple tiers are the best option for such problems. For example, you want a lower space for cooking and a comparatively higher place for actually eating the food. Having different levels where you have different things helps. You can even keep a more top tier for eating and a lower one for cooktop purposes. But these are on a bit pricey side, so if you want some kitchen island ideas within your budget then here are a few things that you can do.

Budget kitchen island ideas

Using a kitchen cart: Kitchen carts are the best alternatives to kitchen islands. Coming in different sizes and looks, these carts add a lot of storage and working space in the kitchen. Get a kitchen cart with wheels as that will help you carry around the cart whenever there is a need to do so. Using stainless steel tables: Stainless steel tables can be easily used as kitchen islands; they are both budget-friendly and adds a different look to the whole kitchen. Stainless steel has high durability and also, cleaning it is very easy. These tables can even be folded, which makes them even more convenient to use. DIY it with an old dresser: Sounds a bit too extreme? Well, it’s not and trust us on this; this kitchen island idea is full proof. Old tables come with storage spaces, and just a fresh coat of paint and polishing will make it better than ever. Even if you do not have an old dresser, buy one at cheap rates and DIY them the way you want. These can be high workstations and probably the most affordable kitchen island tops you will ever get. Create a moving kitchen island: This seems absurd, but it is a more practical option as it helps you save space. Kitchen islands can take up a lot of space. Having one with wheels underneath can make it a mobile piece of furniture, making things easier for you. Attached with the flooring plan: Make a kitchen island while you are building the house. The in house building plan will give the kitchen island an even more natural look. Kitchen islands can be tricky to choose, but FDI is here to help you. Remember that the kitchen island should not take up too much space all around the kitchen; there should be enough space for people to move around comfortably. Add a kitchen island to make your kitchen look pretty; choose from a wide range of options at FDI. Make sure you choose from one of the many contemporary kitchen island ideas. Do not forget to make sure that the size of the seating arrangement you are choosing is correct. Stick to a budget when you are looking for kitchen islands, they can be costly at times, but if you do your research correctly and follow what our FDI specialists suggest then you will not face many problems. Buying a kitchen island is still an easy task; make sure you take good care of it. Cleaning them regularly and keeping them tidy increases the longevity of these pieces.

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