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Bunk Beds Design Ideas

The home interior is incomplete without different types of sofas and beds. You can have sofa cum bed, wooden sofa etc. as per your likings. However, bunk beds for children are also trending nowadays. FDI is always here to help you with the best bunk bed design ideas for your bedroom. Our expert designers are always bubbling with new ideas that can turn your bedroom into your favourite chill-out zone.

The bunk beds that are available today make the child’s room very exciting to live in. The market is filled with different sizes and shapes of bunk beds, varied climbing up devices and, plentiful bunk bed design ideas with many functions such as sofa and seating. Models recommended by FDI comply with security requirements and make this sleep and play area secure as well as exciting.

Selecting the best bunk bed with stairs

The bedroom is your child’s indoor playground, his own comfortable space. Choosing a perfect bunk bed for your kid is exciting. The earlier concept of a high raised bed with stairs has changed today. A mother can now buy beds not only with stairs but also with a desk and a cupboard. When your children do not want to pack up for the night and are sitting glued to the television, the thought of going up the stairs at bedtime can be an excitement they look forward to. Even better, put these next to the window and watch the children fall asleep gazing at the stars. If there are more kids in the house, you can even have triple bunk beds in the same space—an excellent space saving idea.

All set to choose the best bunk beds online? Before you bring one home, remember a few points:


FDI is always ready to guide you in this aspect. Semi – high beds with sturdy rails avoid the child from falling down. Generally, these type of beds come with rails, but you can also set it up on your own to take care of every little challenge that might come up.

Choose sturdy material

Irrespective of the shape, size and colour, the most attractive feature should be the strength of the beds. Wood and metal make the most durable beds. Though metal is commercial as well as contemporary, it comes with risks. Wooden sofa come bed is a better choice for children. Metal bunk beds are excellent for railway coaches or university hostels, but they are slippery, sharp as well as cold. Wood has a lovely feel and is never out of fashion. Parents are extremely conscious when it comes to a child’s comfort, and wooden bunk beds are thus the best option.

Choice of the perfect theme for the child’s age

There are many exciting themes and designs to choose from. An essential tip while selecting the best model is to utilize stairs rather than a ladder. Stairs are more comfortable to climb and most often have rails connected to them.

An eight-year-old will love to have a cartoon themed bunk bed design idea complete with a study table. As the child grows older, he/she might prefer to have an aeroplane themed bed. Though, keep in mind that he/she will overgrow both these in a few years. So you need to convince your child rightly and make them opt for a conventional design which he can sleep in for years to come.

Room size calculation

There must be sufficient area to support the design of your choice. The height of the bed is critical. There should be at least two feet of extra space between the mattress and the ceiling. If this does not happen, the child may hurt his head when he stands up.

The Right Style

The parents can choose from five designs which are twin on twin, completely twin, futon twin, and desk twin or rotates. While choosing bunk beds, online one needs to explore the practical side of the design in addition to its visual side.


When mommies and daddies are going through the last stages of the purchase, they must consider the methods of accessing the beds, i.e., whether ladders or stairs. Small stairs are a substantial threat for the kids and can cause the child to stumble. Handrails may not be there if the children are in their teens, but it is a big NO for a smaller child.

Functional as well as stylish

Desks under stairs and multipurpose beds with storage area are great ideas to work upon. The child will love her castle for years to come if it has a sense of character and utility associated with it.

Marinekoat provides an economical solution for 100 per cent moisture resistance for bare plywood in just two coats. This is an extremely cost-effective way to protect bare plywood.

Securing bunk beds

The strength of these beds is of utmost importance as no parent will like to take a risk with the safety of the child. For the piece of furniture to be robust, you must ensure that you choose the right adhesive out of the numerous brands available in the market. There is no doubt that Fevicol, with its time tested products, will assure consistent quality. The Fevicol HI-PER reduces any chance of bubble formation and is a high-performance adhesive for premium laminates.

In case of selection of the wrong adhesive, debonding occurs and the laminate gets detached from the base. Buying a piece of furniture is not the end; we must also take care of it. In case of lightweight decorative bonding, Fevicol A-KWIK serves very usefully for vertical application.

If you are in a mad rush to complete the bunk bed before your child’s birthday and want to make this a memorable gift, Fevicol HeatX adhesive that works on a new technology works 33% faster. This is ideal for challenging curved and vertical designs and has a high heat resistance of up to 170 degrees Celsius.

The expert team at FDI can offer ideas to you. The finish of any piece of woodwork is essential. Showcase Exterior provides a superior level of gloss and gloss retention. It also offers better scratch, water, heat and stain resistance compared to French polish. So go ahead, and indulge in shopping for the apple of your eye. Buy bunk beds the right choice for your kid’s rooms.

In today’s modern apartments, space is always a constraint, and these wooden lofts are great space savers as well as new space to sleep on for the child. On a rainy day, the child will no longer cry when he is unable to go outside and play. He will be happy to eat, sleep and play in his personal space. Putting the same child to study will also not be a challenge. He will love to sit in the desk under the stairs of his bunk bed and read his favourite storybook.

There is a sense of adventure inherent in every kid and these beds excite them with their look and an inbuilt activity factor. Gone are the days you had to put a child to sleep and sing her favourite lullaby. A child’s room is now her adventure zone, and when the child has had her fill, he/she will be contented. Creative moms can also hang a few soft toys along the railing of the stairs to further decorate a child’s space. Also, there are so many ways to decorate the bunk beds by adding fun with functionality. It looks like bedtime will now be more fun than ever before.

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