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Lounge Chairs

Seating at home includes multiple items such as recliner, wooden sofa, or even dining chairs. But the lounge chairs make it more comfortable. Buy the best lounge chair for your home with Fevicol Design Ideas. FDI helps you find out the information on the best lounge chair/chairs for your home. Our furniture designing specialists will help you find a perfectly designed lounge chair. In this article, know what a chaise lounge is, learn about different types of lounge chair, and discover the process of selecting the best lounge chair for your home just like dining chairs.

Revamp your home decor with cool yet classy lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are nothing new, and they have been a part of almost every home since the inception of furniture. They come in different shapes and sizes and are used at different places in a home. Still, majorly a lounge sofa chair is used in living rooms instead of recliner or wooden sofa. These types of chairs do not just add extra seating to your room, but also uplift the elegance of the room. For example, say you have just bought a new chaise lounge for your lawn area. Won't it add a unique appeal to your lawn?

What is a chaise lounge

A chaise, as we know, is an elongated chair, which allows you to stretch your legs. The back of a chaise lounge chair is generally at a semi-reclining angle. Thus, this type of chair is one of the most comfortable types of outdoor lounge chairs. It is just a long, narrow chair perfect for lounging or relaxing. This type of chair is just perfect for relaxation. It not only makes the lawn a more comfortable place but also enhances the elegance of the garden. A chaise lounge is not only used in outdoors but is more often than not a part of the interiors of a house. These chairs are long enough to stretch out completely. And, you don't even have to use an ottoman to stretch your body full 180 degrees. These chairs are hence, pretty comfortable. You may have encountered chaise lounges in bedrooms or lounge areas of hotels.

Different types of lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are one of the most common types of chairs. They come in various shapes and sizes. Also, lounge chairs are a part of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Plenty of outdoor lounge chairs are available in the market for use in lawns, balconies, terraces, near swimming pools etc. A chaise lounge is one of the most common types of lounge chairs available in the market, but it is not the only one. There are many other lounge chair types as listed below.

Following are a few types of lounge chairs

Classic lounge chairs

As the name suggests, they are traditional lounge chairs, still used extensively. These armless chair sofas are mostly manufactured in a permanent reclined position. So, you won't have to use any button or lever to adjust the reclining angle. An ottoman accompanies this chair type. Traditional lounges are pretty popular even after a long time of them being in the market. You can find a variety of classic lounge chairs in the market. Although to make sure that you buy the best traditional lounge for your home, you can connect with the experts at Fevicol Design Ideas. For the lounge chairs made up of wood, purchase a product called Terminator from Pidilite to protect your lounge from termites.

Club Chairs

Club lounge chairs are one of the oldest variants of chairs. Club lounges inspire the Eames lounge chair. They were identified many years ago. And, their name was derived from their low backs and deep seats. These type of lounge chairs gained a lot of fame in the English Gentlemen's Clubs, late in the 18th Century. Therefore, they form a prominent part of antique décor. So, if you are following the old décor theme at your home, then club chairs are a perfect fit. Club chairs come in various designs. Some of them have sharp curves and leather cushions, while some are entirely wooden with less upholstery. Some chairs are beautifully carved using plywood as well. So, select the best chair as per your needs and comfort, and make sure that you take good care of these chairs. It is always recommended to use high-end furniture protection products from the stable of Pidilite to ensure the safety of your chairs.

Wing Chairs

Wing chairs are classic. Their design and style root back to years. Earlier, these chairs were used only in front of the fireplaces. The name of these chairs is derived from the 'wings' present on the chairs' sides. Though different wing chairs may have different wings of varying shape and sizes. These chairs are similar to club chairs. They are not only comfortable but also enhance the appeal of the room they are kept in. If you want to buy wing chairs, first make sure that you review the quality of the material, and then pick the most suitable chairs as per the décor of your room.

How to select the best lounge chairs for your home?

It is not at all tough to pick the best lounge chairs for your home, given you do some amount of research and invest some time in choosing the chairs.
• First of all, one needs to identify the area where chairs can be placed. You need to decide whether you want to keep the chairs outside or you want them put up inside your room. Thus, if you wish to lounge chairs for your swimming pool, then swimming pool recliners can be bought. However, if you require lounge chairs for your living room or bedroom, you can go for classic lounges or chaise lounges.
• Secondly, it is imperative to review the material which is used in the making of the lounge chairs. You would want to buy durable furniture that lasts long. Hence, it is essential to go for lounges made using topmost products. Apart from the quality of the frame material, it is also necessary to review the fabric quality. As not all lounge chairs use leather, make sure you use right fabric for your lounges.
• Thirdly, it is vital for the chairs to solve the purpose intended. The chairs not only have to be comfortable, but they should also fit inside of the room with ease. The room shouldn't look chaotic or full because of the chairs. The chairs must be kept in the areas where they will be extensively used so that they are not only adding to the look of the room but are also helpful to the home dwellers. Lounge chairs are not only comfortable as they also enhance the charm of the room in which they are placed. But then again, most of the lounge chairs are naturally stylish. These chairs are not only classy but also very durable. There are various useful products from the house of Pidilite that can enhance the durability of your lounge chairs. But firstly, it is crucial to choose lounge chairs as per the décor of your house. FDI's furniture experts can help you choose the best lounge chairs for your home.

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