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Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

FDI helps you find the best bookshelves for your home. FDI's talented designers and experts devise interesting bookshelf design ideas. Read this article to know how to find the best bookshelves, and discover some popular bookshelf design ideas.

Finding the Best Bookshelf

For book lovers, books mean the world; books are like their best buddies. That is why they like to keep their books safe and in an organised manner. Also, book lovers intend to keep their beloved books in a personalised manner in their homes. Depending on their choice, they keep some books in the upper shelves while some in the lower. Books are precious possession for many. Hence, their needs to be a special place where you can keep the books safe. This is precisely where bookshelves come into play. Now, when you want to find the best bookshelf, you have many bookshelf designs available in the furniture market for selection. Thus, you can choose from a wide range of bookshelf designs. If you want to build your bookshelf using some innovative, exciting and fresh bookshelf ideas, get in touch with the furniture experts at Fevicol Design Ideas (FDI). To select from the many bookshelf designs and ideas, first, it is vital to know about its different types. Because, only when you are aware of different variants of bookshelves, their qualities, material etc., would you be able to make a right decision in selecting the best bookshelf.

Bookshelves are becoming favourites

Bookcases, book cabinets or bookshelves, comprise of horizontal shelves at different levels to store books, diaries, files etc. Earlier bookshelves were only found in libraries, but now you find interestingly designed bookshelves in homes. The latest designs make it easy to position these cabinets anywhere in the house like on the walls of hallways or in bedrooms. Almost all the bookshelves contain a glass that makes it easy to showcase books. Most of the bookshelves are made using wood. It is recommended to use Pidilite's premium quality products to safeguard wood of your bookshelf from stains, heat, etc. Most of the bookshelves are designed tastefully using unique bookshelf design ideas. But, if you ever get confused while buying bookshelves or in getting a bookshelf design right, you can contact FDI to help you formulate the best bookshelf for your room. FDI can suggest plenty of new bookshelves decorating ideas to enhance the look of your bookshelves.

Below listed are some popular bookshelf designs:

Corner bookshelf design

As the name suggests, corner bookshelves are tucked away in the corner of the room. This category of bookshelves are not only the most common, but also one of the most favourite. A wooden corner bookshelf may look simple but adds character to the room. In spite of sitting quietly in the corner, the bookshelf still has a personal touch. More often than not, bookshelves have a glass front for the books to be seen from the outside. Apart from books, you can also showcase decorative items inside the bookshelf. The shelves not only protect them, but also beautifully showcase them. When you are creating a wooden bookshelf, use Pidilite product like magical termite protector to protect your furniture piece from termites.

Uniquely stylish bookshelf design

Nowadays, there are many innovative bookshelf decorating ideas offered by designers. So, if you want to add newness to your room, and wish to make a personalised unique bookcase, then consult FDI, and we will assist you in creating a bookshelf with our unique bookshelf design ideas. Even when you want to beautify your bookshelf and make it appealing, you can consult FDI. When it comes to creative bookcases, there are several out of the world designs which are becoming more and more popular now. One of them is a book tree. If you love nature, or if you like to read romantic novels, then a tree-shaped bookcase would surely enhance your book reading experience. Also, there are invisible bookcases as well as cases designed like pipelines. Hence, if you want to go for something unique, you can find some unique perspectives on how to make it.

Floating bookshelf

No, floating bookshelves do not float on water! They are only designed to make all the books visible, and the books may appear as floating over walls. They are also known as torsion box shelves. Most of the floating bookshelves are made using wood, and they have internal storage area to keep books. However, the design is only recommended for lightweight books. As they are pretty famous, you can find plenty of variants, shapes, and sizes of floating bookshelves. Also, they are made using wood, so use world-class product from the house of Pidilite to enhance the gloss and shine of wood furnishing.

Built-in bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves can be positioned in any corner of a room, that's why they are favourites among homeowners. Not only are they straightforward, but they also take less space. The most generic built-in bookshelf consists of only one plank of wood. And, the plank is fixed horizontally to the wall. These types of bookshelves can be easily detached and then installed to different partitions. You can install these bookshelves in exciting ways to enhance the attractiveness of your room.

Glass bookshelves

You may even prefer to buy a glass bookshelf. If it can beautifully match the décor of your room, then there is nothing wrong in buying a glass bookshelf. Just that a glass bookshelf will need a bit of more care than other bookshelves. Though they are made using durable glass and supported by stainless steel or a chromium-plated metal, they require proper care as they are very elegant. So, if a glass bookshelf is what you need, then make sure you pick the best one from a variety of glass bookshelves available for purchase. Apart from these, there are many more different types of bookshelves present in the market. Some different in shape, some in size, while some different in colour. The primary purpose of all of them is to help you organise your books and files in the cleanest manner possible and at the same time, add to the look of the room where they are kept. Select a bookshelf that matches the décor of your home. Bookshelves are fascinating pieces of furniture and they add a special touch to the décor of any room. Therefore, it is imperative to buy nicely designed bookshelves for your home. Just make sure that your bookshelves contain a sturdy door to protect the books from dust or moisture. And, if you want some fresh and unique bookshelf ideas or bookshelf decorating ideas, then FDI will help you with some interesting insights. It is also essential to make sure that you buy a product that is made using premium quality material.

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