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Sofa & Seatings Design Ideas

Do not underestimate the power of beautiful sofa and seatings in your outdoors. Porch is a place where you can host big parties, circle up to for conversations, enjoy the weather, or relax during your daytime. Learn how to select outdoor furniture with this guide.

Guide to Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor lounge chairs and sofa design ideas form a critical part of any patio design. Selecting the perfect patio furniture requires an understanding of the outdoor space available to you and a vision of the kind of outdoor one wants in his/her backyard. Let us explore some pointers to help you choose the outdoor furniture effectively: It is quite normal to get overwhelmed with so many lounge sofa design ideas, and deck furniture options. Many options like different porch furniture styles, add-on furniture pieces, number of seats required etc. are present for selection of outdoor seatings. The number of seats you employ in your patio seating purely depends upon its intended use. In general, furniture sets with a four to six seating is more famous for an outdoor seating area. A patio dining set can be a more preferred option for furniture set than a lounge set depending upon your needs. Outdoor dining sets include outdoor patio table and chairs, while a patio lounge set may consist of a lounge sofa chair, chaise lounge, or a circular table set. Typically, a lounge seating area is preferred for large spaces as a patio table set can be made small or large based on the requirements. Furthermore, the most popular add-on furniture is an end table, a patio umbrella, and chair cushions. Umbrella is a useful addition for hot sunny days. You can create deck furniture for your patio to have a lounge feel. You can even add an extra shade to prevent skin damage from the sun.

Materials used in Sofa Design Ideas

When you go out to buy outdoor lounge chairs, table furniture sets, or sofa set online or from a brick-and-mortar shop, the type of material you are choosing upon is critical. Read on to find more on materials used in outside sofa and seatings. It is difficult to choose between wood, wicker, metal, or plastic for your outdoor furniture. Wicker is one of the most popular materials used in making outdoor furniture. It is the need of the day to employ weatherproof furniture set for the outdoor seating space. Choose material that can withstand all season elements. Following are listed best materials that can be used for making patio furniture: Wicker:
Natural wicker is available from plants. No doubt beautiful, natural wicker is vulnerable to rain, sleet, and moisture, making it a lousy choice for outdoor furniture. Nevertheless, synthetic wicker is an excellent choice used extensively in outdoor patio sets. It is much more durable too than natural wicker.
If you want to employ natural furniture that is also durable, teak is a great choice. It is dense and close-grained material natural oil content. The natural oil repels water, protecting it from cracking or warping. Also, note that teak wood furniture doesn’t require paint or varnish. The wood is honey-brown in the beginning and eventually fades to a patina grey, which is a statement on its own. Apart from teak, you can also use plywood, bamboo wood, solid mahogany wood, satinwood, rosewood, mulberry wood, deodar teak wood, and oak wood. Use polishing solution like Fevicol Marine from Pidilite to make your outdoor furniture set waterproof and moisture-resistant.
A powder-coated aluminium furniture set is excellent for outdoors as it becomes highly weather resistant due to the coating. It is also lightweight making it easy for rearranging.
Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel is heavy, sturdy and highly durable. It has a timeless look and can be seen in many luxury hotels. It is also rust resistant.
For upholstery of your outdoor furniture use from any of the fabrics such as cotton, linen, jute, leather, silk, velvet, wool, denim, acrylic, polyester, rayon, and polypropylene. Choose any of the materials mentioned above, and you won’t go wrong.

Ideas on Outdoor Ambience

The patio can have many areas like a sitting area, a fireplace, dining area, and an outdoor kitchen. Learn more about outdoor ambience ideas, here. An outdoor seating area can be adorned with a lot of further additions and decorations to create a spectacular outdoor ambience. Let us explore more on ways to create a pleasant outdoor ambience:
● Add Ambience Making use of hanging lights, candles, floral arrangements etc. would create an intimate outdoor setting. Also, do not forget the power of cushions and pillows with bright colours and traditional patterns.
● Create a Relaxing Space Creating a relaxing space on your patio is easy. Add pot-plants, flowers, rocks, and fountain to create a natural atmosphere. A simple lounge chair and a small coffee table above an area rug can create a perfect calming atmosphere.
● Conversation Starter A roundtable works wonder to create an atmosphere for conversation even for a small patio design.
● Simple Seating A low table can make for a pleasant dining area in your patio design. Stackable chairs with cushions create an intimate setting.
● Outdoor Living Room The outdoor living room is the place where most of your outdoor sofas and seatings would lay. A simple sofa design idea can be great for the living room. A lounge sofa chair, coffee table, couch, and an ottoman create a perfect outdoor living room. An elegant rug spread underneath completes the look and defines the space.

Outdoor Sofa design Ideas

Outdoor space also builds an impression of your indoor home decor to those who have only seen your outdoors. Hence, it is critical that your outdoor furniture designs are up to the mark. There are plenty of different ways to enhance the appearance of your outdoor seating space. Listed down are some ideas for you to get inspired:
● A patio with garden design and custom wood chairs looks like it belongs to an outdoor garden setting. Using narrow boards for the construction of back and seat of the chair gives the design a fluid curve.
● A series of powder-coated chairs look stunning as outdoor lounge chairs. Their steel frame gives required bounce to the chairs.
● To give fantastic texture to your outdoor seatings turn to recycled materials for making outdoor pieces. Their weathered surface makes them look like they belong outdoors.
● A marble-top outdoor dining table brings elegance to the dining setting. The use of white stacking chairs and a metal bench with cushioning keeps it relaxed.
● Luxurious furniture covered with outdoor fabrics makes a backyard feel like an indoor living room.
● A bright green dining set would look elegant against a ridged red metal wall. Transform any patio into a lush green spot with potted plants.
● For a small backyard, layers of green plants work wonders. Series of bright blue chairs would be welcoming for guests to linger outside in the evening. Thus, sofas and seatings make your outdoor setting beautiful. Beautiful seatings add elegance to your outdoor space. Also, as outdoor space is more prone to water damage, outdoor sofa, seatings, and other wooden furniture has to be treated against damage from rain water. You can use MarineKoat from Pidilite to free your outdoor furniture from damage due to rain.

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