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Chest Of Drawers Design Ideas

An insight into the diverse world of chest of drawers

Fevicol Design Ideas is a fantastic tool for you to be able to choose the most suitable chest of drawers for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining, other areas of the home or even office. Here, explore different chest of drawers design ideas and tips to select the perfect one.

Choosing the best chest of drawers

Chest of drawers is a perfect storage solution for a diverse range of needs. It provides essential aesthetic attributes to your wardrobe and room. They are used for organisational aspects like keeping your clothes organised in a section coupled with socks, vests, jumpers, ties or any other thing which is usually challenging to find from an entire wardrobe. You can keep other clothes and garments too, which do not go on a hanger and make your closet clean and sophistic. Nothing beats the aesthetic of your wardrobe other than a stylish and well-maintained chest of drawers. It can add visual appeal to your room and give your room a finesse that complements your personality and well-organised lifestyle. Well, the top of the drawers is a suitable place to keep pictures for display, small handicrafts or dishes where you could place your jewellery and beauty ornaments. It is also a great place to keep your coins or keys that are at risk of getting lost and causing inconvenience. Therefore, to increase the visual appeal and the organisation of your room, you need to buy a chest of drawers that cover all your requirements. What kind of chest of drawers to buy is a question? Well, whether you buy a chest of drawers online or offline, you have several options. With plenty of options available in the market, you need to choose one which perfectly meets all your requirements in terms of storage and organisation and also which would be aesthetically and visually appealing, enhancing the overall look of your living room, bedroom, kitchen areas or any other areas. While there is an abundant chest of drawers ideas available, FDI helps you assimilate, sort and pick out the most suitable chest of drawers for you.

Factors to consider while looking for a chest of drawers

Size Size is the first consideration while choosing a chest of drawers.If the living room or the bedroom is small, you should opt for a tall slim chest which doesn't protrude out too far from the support, and at the same time, provides you with enough storage. Select drawers, depending upon what you intend to keep in them. You also need to focus upon the depth of the drawers as very shallow drawers won't be an excellent option to store clothes like jumpers. If you are planning to install it in a child's room, you need to consider the height as well. A low chest of drawers is a lucrative option for adults too as they don't occupy much of the wall space giving you the opportunity of placing shelves above them. As they are usually more comprehensive, they would be perfect for keeping blankets or other bulkier items. Also, do measure the floor space because you do not want to bump into the corners while you walk past them.


There are a few chests that have additional features that are of real use on certain occasions. For instance, a chest of drawers that come with castors, instead of legs, making it easier to move it around while cleaning or shifting. Some have a glass top giving an added layer of protection from scratch or stain. So, you can choose from a diverse range of options, and FDI will help you get the best possible attributes required in your room.


The 21st century is all about getting your style correct beginning from your clothes to your home furniture. You obviously wouldn't want your chest of drawers to be the odd one out of all other furniture in your room. You will have to selectively choose the perfect chest of drawers that complements your entire room. FDI has reliable and well researched diverse chest of drawers design ideas to help you in selecting the best alternative for you without letting you fall into a dilemma. You will get several style ideas about chest of drawers online.


Material is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any furniture. Several different material choices begin from a wooden chest of drawers which offer mainly two varieties that include laminate or solid wood. While solid wood is a little expensive, it usually lasts longer and is more durable than laminate. Mirrored drawers are impressive as they reflect the surrounding making them appear to take up no floor space. Among all the different variations of materials available, you need to find the one most suitable to your needs and FDI is here to help you out with the same.

Chest of drawers design ideas

After deciding upon all the above factors while buying a chest of drawers, it is imperative to choose a stylish, classy, and aesthetically appealing chest of drawers design idea that is most relevant to you and makes your drawer stand out even in a mundane room. Your brand new chest of drawers must perfectly enhance the decor of your room and increase its visual value manifold. There is a diverse range of options to choose from for chest of drawers depending upon colour, texture, intricate designing, polishing, finesse, etc. Should you need a basic understanding of drawer varieties, you should check chest of drawers online first. You have to first decide upon the type and shape you need, followed by choice of colour and texture and embroidered design, if required. And then, you need to look for the kind of layering and cut you need. It can be dull and one-sided partitioned, or with different sections of partition. You will also have to decide upon the levels of drawers which visually impress you and take care of the polishing and check if it has a rustic look or an excellent sleek polish giving a classy appearance.

Some of the commonly availed options include:

Vertical chests which are usually for smaller rooms which leave much space outside and are convenient to store clothes and other specific things. Wooden chests are the more traditional option, giving an old look with reflective polish and high-end finesse. You might choose the standard option, or you can opt for a patterned and intricately decorated wooden drawer. Plastic chests of drawers are in fashion which looks beautiful and comes in various shades. Light coloured shades are preferred as they are visually soothing, and it makes a room look larger. Dark coloured ones are also in demand, but you need to be cautious as they get stained and dirty quickly and have to be cleaned and maintained frequently. Glass chests of drawers are becoming an old fashioned choice, but they still look good and appear classy. This is visually preferable as you see things prominently inside the drawer. So, they might not look visually impressive if you the stuff is unorganised. There are experts and experienced professionals at FDI who would be able to help you with the chest of drawers design ideas. The chest of drawers should match with the overall texture and colour of the room either in sync or in excellent and appealing contrast. It is essential to explicitly examine the place to get a perfectly matched chest of drawers curated for your specific needs. FDI's furniture experts would surely help you in personalising the decor of your room with perfect chest of drawers design ideas and maintenance tips. Make sure that you use Pidilite's premium-quality products to increase the longevity and durability of your chest of drawers.

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