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Along with the sofa, chairs, recliners, and bookshelves in your living room, choose a perfect console for your home with Fevicol Design Ideas. FDI helps you find the best console for your room. Our furniture experts offer you with modern console table designs. In this article learn about the usefulness of console tables, their popularity, types, and how to choose one. A console is one of the most multifaceted pieces of furniture in you have in your home. It solves plenty of purposes: It lets you exhibit your awards and photos, its different storage areas let you store your small everyday items like wallets, keys etc. A console is a type of furniture that not just adds to the look of your room but also helps de-clutter it. A console cabinet makes it easy for you to store small items inside its drawers. While it does this all-important task of organizing for you, a console table takes minimal space. It can be quietly positioned besides, or behind sofa, bookshelves, chairs, or recliners in the living room, or you can also choose to keep them along the hallways. As console tables are a prevalent furniture, you can skim through various console designs before you pick one. With the wide variety of console designs, you can choose the one that suits your needs and meets the space constraints of your room.

The usefulness of console tables

Console tables are handy. They not only enhance the look of a room, but they also add to the depth of any wall. However, it is crucial to choose the right console design—a design that meets the overall décor of your room. To make sure that you choose the right design, it is advised to take assistance from furniture designing experts at Fevicol Design Ideas. Console tables are generally placed at easily accessible areas of the houses like at the entryways or beside the hallways. The housemates usually store things like wallets, car keys, house keys, etc. inside the consoles. Therefore, it is essential to place them at an easily reachable place. There are several console designs available in the market, and most of them are perfect for enhancing the look of plain walls. So, overall, consoles are not only useful, but they also add to the beauty of the home.

The popularity of console cabinets

A console cabinet is one of the most useful furniture pieces. Consoles are mostly kept in the living room as they have showcase areas which can display your showpieces. In this way, they can be used to revamp the look of your living. Also, they do solve storage problems for housemates. As console tables are getting more and more popular, a wide variety of designs and types of consoles are available in the market. Choosing a perfect console might not be easy as there are many console designs in the market eyeing for your attention. A few of the standard console designs include small console cabinets, console cabinet with drawers, glass console table, console tables with multiple sections, etc. As the popularity of the consoles is increasing, so is the demand, and thus, furniture manufacturers are coming with new types and console designs.

Choosing the best console cabinet

The first step that you should take while selecting a perfect console table for your home is to assess your needs and space available. Find out where exactly would you like to keep you console cabinet: would you like to place it in the living room or would you like to keep it in the area connecting different rooms? Identifying the place where you would like to keep the console will make it easy for you to buy a console of perfect size and shape. You can get in touch with the FDI experts to find out the best console table design for your home. After you have assessed the space and requirements, find out the type of console that will be best for the décor of your home. Whether you would like to buy a contemporary cabinet or you would like to go for a rustic console. It all depends on the décor and theme of your house. There are many types of consoles available in the market these days; some of them are ethnic console tables, colonial console cabinets, eclectic consoles, etc. There is an option to go for glass console as well.

Different types of consoles

Console table with doors

As consoles contain storage areas, they also have doors. Most of the console doors are made of wood. Use Pidilite’s world-class products to amplify the longevity of the wooden cabinet. A cabinet with doors offers a rustic look to the room. Thus, if you follow a rustic theme, then rustic consoles with doors would surely be the best pick for you.

Glass consoles

The primary purpose of consoles is to make it easy for you to showcase showpieces, photos, etc. So, most of the consoles have glass but there are many consoles that have more glass elements than others. Therefore, if you feel that a glass console will suit your living room, then you can surely go ahead and pick one. If you want to buy a glass cabinet, but you are not sure whether it is a perfect choice for your room or not, you can seek advice from Fevicol Design Ideas experts. They will help you find the most suitable furniture for your home.

Console table without drawers

Console tables or cabinets mostly contain multiple drawers. One type of cabinets or consoles is consoles with open storage space. Some of these consoles look pretty elegant. And, you will find plenty of console table without drawers to make a choice. Make sure you select the best one for your room. Also, keep in mind to buy a console as per the space available, as the console should never look oversized because then it would spoil complete look of the room. Buying a console is not a tough job. But it is essential to invest your money in the right product. The console should be useful, and also enhance the look of the room. At the same time, it should not make the room look crowded or packed. Whether you want to go for a minimalist, contemporary, or a rustic console, it must be ideal in size and shape with respect to the room. Also, the console table must sync in with the visual tone of the room and match its ambience. As a misfit would spoil the décor or the appeal of the home. If you buy a wooden console, make sure you use products like Pidilite’s high gloss wood finishing to enhance the shine of the wood and Wudfin Melamine to boost the appeal of the wood. Buying a perfect piece of furniture for your home is not enough. You must also make sure that you do maintain the quality of the product. Apart from cleaning the console neat and clean all the time, use Pidilite products to enhance the shine and newness of the console table.

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