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FDI guides you best for you to select the best single beds online. FDI has the most experienced furniture experts and room analysts who offer a trained perspective for innovative design ideas in making single beds. They analyse your room, give you quality advice and look out for your best interests. The primary goal of FDI is to deliver the best products with customer satisfaction. In this article, you will get a detailed understanding of how to select your single bed, what else you might have to consider, how you should place it, and a variety of individual bed styles.

How to choose a single bed

The bedroom is a safe sanctuary. After a tiring day at work, one retires to the bed. So, the bed should be chosen after some careful thought and consideration. It is the place where you recharge and rejuvenate yourself. You should chalk out how many features you want on your bed. It has to be done with care and extra attention.
● To guarantee that your bed is of best quality and design, buy topmost quality furniture. Use products like Terminator from Pidilite to protect your furniture from pests and moisture. Also, beautify your furniture with high-quality wood polishes like Wudfin Melamine from Pidilite.
● To modify your boring bedroom, the primary transformation should be of your bed. Choose a glamorous piece that captures the complete attention of anyone who enters the room.
● You may find it confusing and challenging as to what features should be there, how big it should be, how you should go about it, and whatnot. But do not worry as FDI is here to help.
● When it comes to beds, a lot of shapes, sizes and many designs are available in the market. Some of them are cost-effective, while many others require a considerable budget. The most preferred ones among single beds are the plain wooden ones with a short headboard and no bed frame. It might be challenging to find a single bed with new and innovative designs. You can buy single beds online, or you can customise them according to your taste, needs, and budget.

Things to keep in mind when choosing single beds

Material The main features of a single bed are its durability and finish. So the material you choose to make the bed is critical. Wooden beds are mostly made with high-quality materials. As the plywood can be painted or shaped into any size, it is an excellent material option. The critical factor for getting a good quality material is its supplier. Make sure you choose a reliable store. Storage spaces can also be integrated with wooden beds. It is innovative and stylish. On the other hand, iron beds are cheaper. Though it does not do much in enhancing the beauty of the room, it is a popular choice as it is cost effective. Upholstery Besides the bed frame, the upholstery of a single bed also matters. The quality of the padding is a determining factor in deciding the quality and finish of your furniture. Always choose a high-grade upholstery. You have the choice of using Pidlite’s products for the longevity of your single bed. Space for bed in your room At first, select the area of your room, where you desire to keep the bed. As per the area, choose the size of the bed. Try to choose a space with minimal lighting. You would not want glaring light on your face as you go to sleep. After you select the area of the room, consider the walls and décor of the room. If your walls are bright, polished wooden furniture would be the best choice. If they are monochrome, a beige faded bed will seal the deal. Or if you have a white background, coloured furniture could look new and trendy and light up your room. Coloured furniture can give your room a soothing vibe. Choose priority features When you are looking for single beds, you must jot down all the features that you want from a bed. If your top priority is softness and comfort, invest in an expensive quality mattress. But if you want something designed to match your walls or décor invest in the material and polish. Number of people and sleeping habits Your bed size depends on the number of people you plan to pack in the bed. If you are alone but would want to fit your child as well, choose a bigger single bed. Or if you have weird sleeping habits or naturally want a bigger space to lie down, go for the bigger single beds. Small and compact beds pack in a different kind of cosiness and beauty. Variety of single bed sizes When you purchase single beds online, you get to see a plethora of sizes, designs, and a wide range of prices. With the increase in bed size, the price also increases. You can even customise your bed with headboard, bed frame, and a material and design of your choice. Comfort and satisfaction FDI aims to satisfy customers the first and foremost. If you want to buy a single bed, you can take advice from FDI team. While selecting furniture, check it by lying down and review your comfort level. Remember that your comfort must be a priority. Budget-friendly Select a bed that would have all the necessary features, and that fits into your budget. Do not think of spending a lot of money on the bed as bed covers, soft designer cushions and comfortable mattress also require a monetary investment. When buying single beds online, you can also opt for combo packages which offer the bed, cushions, pillows, covers all together at a meagre and justified budget. It would benefit you the most as they would be matching and you do not have to worry about matching pillows with the covers.

Single bed designs and décor

The material, quality and durability are essential while selecting single beds. But, the design and décor of bed is something that makes a lasting impression.
● While choosing the bed keep in mind the wall colour and shade of other furniture. Either you can select a different piece to steal the show or match the bed with the rest of the furniture to create a similar feel.
● Choose the type of headboard and bed frame in the beginning. You may incorporate storage spaces and drawers at the bottom and turn it into a trundle bed. You can also choose the width and length of the bed as per your needs.
● While choosing the design of the bed, also consider the thickness of the mattress you’ll be putting on it as the mattress is key to your comfort. The mattress also comes in various types. Water beds, air beds are the new levels of support. But too much softness or too much firmness can be harmful. Choose the thickness by taking your health into account. You may leave the area surrounding the bed a little empty. If there are any added adjustments to be made, professionals can take care of it. The décor areas might need some touch ups to match your bed. You can customise your room as much as you want for your personal touch and added comfort and ease. After you purchase a single bed, it is essential to maintain it to maintain its quality. You may choose Pidlite’s premium quality products to seal the longevity of your single bed.

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