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Bedside Tables


Fevicol Design Ideas is a fantastic tool for you to have ease in choosing bedside tables most suitable for your bedroom, the place for your solace. In this article, breeze through different bedside table design ideas and tips to select the perfect table.

Choosing the best Bedside Table

The most intricate and handy piece of furniture for you, among other sets of furniture in your bedroom, is a bedside table. They are used as a spot for positioning your night lamp, keeping your alarm, your nighttime water, and also as a handy place to keep your medicines. Not just this, but they can be used as study table, dressing tables, or even a center table if needed at times. If you are a reader, you may as well keep your book on the bedside table just before going to sleep for having a read on the bed instead of hopping around to the bookshelf. Bedside tables also play a significant role in amplifying the visual aesthetics of your room, along with offering a great deal of comfort and satisfaction. There is absolutely no point owning a tremendous and beautiful night lamp if it is beyond your reach while in bed. Bedside tables are the perfect product of furniture that enhances your room's aesthetics and provides a great deal of comfort to your everyday life. You should also keep in mind to not ruin your room's appearance by placing an out-of-place bedside lamp despite it being convenient. Bedside table ideas are not something thought from a medieval period but are a new age concept. Today, bedside tables are blended with different ideas of dressing tables, study table etc. Once you have assimilated, sorted and selected your bed, bed sheets, and other furniture in your room, it is time to consider a great looking convenient bedside table. It is a common dilemma for people to decide on the kind of tables to keep on either side of the bed. Some keep the place vacant giving the room an incomplete feel; some keep flower stands which might not blend with the room, while others may even opt for a different kind of furniture piece. Notwithstanding, bedside tables are the best option to choose in such a scenario. Now, the dilemma is to find the right kind of bedside tables one should buy. You have several options regardless of whether you buy tables online or offline. With plenty of options available in the market, you need to choose one which perfectly meets all your requirements in terms of convenience. Also, go for tables which are aesthetically appealing and which enhances the overall look of your room. While there are abundant bedside table ideas available, FDI helps you assimilate, sort and pick out the most suitable bedside table for you.

Factors to consider while choosing bedside tables


Height is the first consideration while choosing your bedside table. If the room and bed are small, you should opt for a narrow table which doesn't protrude out too far from the wall and at the same time provides ease of access. Select tables basis what you intend to keep in them such as a study table, dressing table ,or even a center table. An ideal height for a bedside table is approximately the height at which your mattress rests. The sleeping surface must be even with the height of the table. The table should be more accessible for you to reach and get a comfortable hold on to the things placed on it. In case, you cannot find an exact match for the height of table and bed, go for one which is slightly higher than the bed as it looks more appealing in terms of looks and aesthetics.


You must be able to reach your bedside lamp easily. Generally, the bottom of the lamp must be at the same height as your chin while sitting on the bed for getting the best light. The ideal size of the table should approximately be three times the size of your table lamp. You must have space for other things to be kept beside the lamp. So, choose a table accordingly, which boosts the drama and lighting texture in your room.


Now, here you have to decide if you want two matching nightstands or completely different ones to add contrast. While the matching ones give a loom of organised and formal vibe, on the other hand, a different set can boost your room by providing the casual look with a more fabulous vibrant and ecstatic vibe. You have to consider the three most essential elements - colour, material and size of your side table. You need to ensure that these three things gel up together to give a complete look to your room and not an out-of-place appearance. Focus on the surface too as you can select a glass, wooden or metal surface. Wood surfaces have a higher chance of getting stained and rusted. Now, choose a colour which complements both your walls and your bed. FDI's professional workers are always there to help you with bedside table ideas to intricately decorate your bedroom.


All your bedroom furniture should be in proportion. Size of your bed is essential here. Choose bedside table designs according to the size of the bed. Do not make the room congested by too many furniture items. Remove unnecessary furniture to avoid a cramped up room. You have several bedside table design ideas like vintage apple crates, trunks, floating shelves, chests of drawers, tree cut-offs etc. You need to be creative with keeping the table in scale and proportion to the room. You also have to focus on a table which can endure your fumbling for light in the dark.

Bedside tables design ideas

After reaching a conclusion, having considered all the above factors while buying bedside tables, it is imperative to choose stylish, attractive, classy, visually appealing bedside table design ideas that are perfect for you and makes your table lucrative and impressive even when placed in a mundane room. Your newly purchased bedside table must leave a lasting impression on people perfectly enhancing the design and decor of your room and increasing its visual value manifolds. You can choose from many bedside table options depending upon colour, material, texture, intricate working, polishing, finesse etc. You have to first conclude upon the size and shape you need followed by choice of colour, texture and embroidered designing if required. And then, you have to keep your eye on the type of cover, layer and cut you need. You have to opine if you need chests of partition or a plain polished single partitioned table. Also, you must focus while deciding the surface decoration of the table and choosing material for the table. Glass, plastic, wood or metal are the materials that would meet your needs and check all boxes if you want a rustic look or a fine sleek polish holding a classy appearance. Thus, bedside tables should be in perfect blend with the overall appearance, and colour of your room. They can be either in harmony and sync or in a functional and appealing contrast. It is essential to carefully and closely examine the place to get a perfectly matched and best-suited bedside table curated for your specific needs. FDI's furniture experts would surely help you in personalising decor of your room with perfect bedside tables design ideas and maintenance tips. Talking of maintenance, make sure that you use Pidilite's premium-quality products to increase the longevity and durability of your bedside tables.

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