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A Good Life is a Full Bookshelf!

A great way to personalize any space in your home is by adding an open bookshelf with your choice of books! Be it the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen, stamp your character on your home with shelves full of your favorite novels and encyclopedias, and even cookbooks! Bookshelves are extraordinarily versatile and can be easily fit into any space, no matter how big or small.

  • Under the table! 

Place a wooden surface to act as a work top in your kitchen. Mount light mesh-based or sturdy wooden box shelves underneath. Voila – you have a perfect space to spread out your cookbooks while you get chopping and stirring in the messier parts of your kitchen! The same design works perfectly to create a study zone in any other room. You can also add to the aesthetic by introducing lamps or wall-mounted lights to the mix. This setup works especially well when you are low on space but want to fit books into your room.

  • The book wall!

You can take wall mounted bookshelves to another level by covering an entire wall, or a major chunk of it, in shelves. If you are looking to break the monotony, look at asymmetrical shelves or paint a few a bright color! This setup is ideal if you have hundreds of books and want to organise them in a single room!

  • The industrial look! 

If your home has a more of a minimalist theme going, then go industrial! Combine industrial-style metal racks with simple wooden shelves in almost any combination to create a bookshelf that works for you. It can be as big or as small as your space allows it to be. 

  • A wooden touch! 

For a warmer, more welcoming finish to your home, try adding a completely wooden bookshelf to your living space. The wide variety of woods and finishes available ensure that the options you can choose from are practically infinite. So choose a wooden bookshelf that matches your interior aesthetic! Wooden shelves add oodles of old-world charm to any room and design! 

  • Divide and rule! 

There is no better way of utilizing and diving space than by putting a bookshelf. If you have a plain separator wall between the living and dining rooms (for example) that is not adding much to your interiors, see if you can replace it with a bookshelf and introduce character to the space. Add as many or as few shelves as you need to make each sub-space larger or smaller, according to what you’re planning to put in the shelves. 

Now that gives you several different ideas for your new bookshelf, the only thing left to do is to brainstorm with your local contractor! Find your unique style with any of these ideas or a combination, to enjoy your very personal book nook! 

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