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Baby Steps…

Babies are a huge change, and that’s not just for the family… but for the home too! It’s important therefore to prepare your home for the new addition and to get your nursery space ready well in advance, with all the furniture that you might need in order to take care of your baby the best way possible. Here are a few furniture ideas to make your home baby-friendly.

  • Light-weight cribs!

Here in India, unlike the West, many families prefer to let their child sleep in the bed along with them for the first few months. However, a crib is essential for the child once s/he starts rolling, as it’s much safer than a high bed with no walls. The first piece of furniture that you will need for your baby is a comfortable crib! Bringing in a light-weight crib that you can move from your own room to the living spaces is a smart idea. This could be your only crib or an additional piece for better flexibility. You can make them super cosy by piling in sheets, cushions, blankets and throws. 

  • Storage drawers!

Babies take up space! They need a number of different things – everything from their diapers and clothes, wipes and tissues, to creams and lotions. Your baby’s things need dedicated storage, so build storage that’s spacious enough to ensure that everything fits. If you have individual spaces and shelves for each item, you’ll find it easier to find things when you’re in a hurry!

  • Day beds!

Daybeds are just as important as cribs when it comes to toddlers! Their sleeping patterns are not fully developed yet at this stage, and you might find that they need to sleep multiple times during the day. If you want to keep an eye on the baby while winding up your daily routine and other work, it’s advisable to put a daybed into the living room or the kitchen.

  • Changing tables!

Nappy changing can be quite the messy affair! Plan a special space for the task. Diaper changing tables should be positioned at a comfortable height and should be equipped with all storage to put all the necessary items. Remember that diaper changes are more complex today than they were a generation or two ago – you may need space to store your wet wipes, dry wipes, cloth nappies, disposable diapers, dustbins, baby powder, lotion, and clothes too. If everything is easily accessible and available, it can save you a lot of time and effort! 

  • Floor-level seating!

Parents are always concerned that their infants may roll over and hurt themselves, while asleep or while climbing out of their day bed. Solve the problem by putting a floor-level seating in different parts of the house, and put your kids down for a nap there instead of on higher furniture. This way, you can actually spend time with your child as they play around or work around the house as they sleep without worrying about injuries or accidents!

These are practical and fun solutions that will not only help you manage things better but also give a whole new character to your home. You can choose to buy brand new furnishings or convert old furniture to fit your changing needs. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call up your local contractor! 

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