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Building a shoe stand for active kids?

Keeping the house organised when you have active kids, running in and out of it all day, can be a challenge! After toys, shoes are what create the biggest mess in the house. That is why having a shoe rack dedicated exclusively to your kids’ shoes is a good idea.
When building a shoe stand, keep the following points in mind!

  • Space 

Just like every other piece of furniture, you must figure out the area where the shoe rack would go before you build one. Make sure that the space you choose is airy, dry and spacious. If you place your shoe rack in a humid or closed space, the area can start stinking even if you keep your shoes are clean. Such conditions can also weaken your footwear, making them crack and split before time.

  • Materials 

The materials that you choose when making a shoe rack dictate everything from its strength, style to the ease of use. The best material with which to make a shoe rack, like most other furniture, is wood. Choose a sturdy wood like pine, oak, sheesham or walnut to make the furniture robust and evergreen!